What do you think?  Comments? Let the competition continue.  Triumph has indeed revealed their new Tiger 1200cc shaft driven bike.  Sounds awesome and looks great too.  Just like the 800 Tiger this new 1200 is aimed at the BMW 1200GS and Super Tenere.  Competition is great and Cheryl and I are excited to see if […]


Here are a few pictures of Cheryl installing our Jesse Safari panniers on Cheryl’s BMW when we first got her bike in December 2009.  We are fans of the Jesse luggage system because of its lean profile and no drag effect on our bikes.  We used Jesse Odyssey panniers on the Triumph Tiger 800 XC […]


Riding bikes is not the only addiction I have….Leslie that is…there is my LOVE for wildlife!  Each year up in Churchill, Manitoba beginning in October the Polar Bears come out waiting for the Hudson Bay to freeze over so they can go out and hunt.  Polar Bears are very hungry after the summer and hang […]

2012 Possible Trip

These are rough routes of some of our possible 2012 trips.  Would be from middle of May to June.  We would most likely go through Alberta more heading back from Flagstaff, Arizona.  Please post any MUST ride DS roads anywhere along this route.  We will maybe have 24 days.  All depends as usual with work. […]


The Guinness Book of World Records for 2012 is currently available in book stores globally. Canadian brothers Colin and Ryan Pyle would like to direct your attention to page 121 of the 2012 edition, so that you can view their record for the longest continuous motorcycle journey within a single country. Colin and Ryan completed […]

2010 Cross Country Trip Old Blog

2010 Summer Cross Country Trip Old Blog

A Blind Woman, Two Wheels and 25,000 Miles

Truly an amazing Story! Cathy Birchall & Bernard Smith’s Website Occasionally a truly inspirational story challenges people to question their own boundaries. This is one such case as Cathy Birchall set out on a yearlong motorcycle adventure to circle the world with her companion Bernard Smith. However, what makes this event truly extraordinary is the […]


Back in April 2011 I found a black bear eating my bird feeder seed and he would not go away.  I tried throwing rocks even making a lot of noise.  In the video you will see how agile this bear is when he climbs our fence and walks the tight rope.  All I could do […]

60″ Ultra-slim LED TV – 60″ LED 6000 Series (2011) – LED – TV | SAMSUNG

60″ Ultra-slim LED TV – 60″ LED 6000 Series (2011) – LED – TV | SAMSUNG. Even Bikers have to have a good TV too….sold our Plasma…trying out LED. So far so good.  🙂   Much different picture than our Pioneer Plasma, brighter, more multidimensional.  Takes getting used to but we are really beginning to like […]

2012 OVERLAND EXPO, Flagstaff, Arizona

Both Cheryl and I are thinking a trip to Flagstaff, Arizona should be one of our trips next year.  This Expo seems like a great opportunity to not only meet many very experienced ADV riders, but to take classes in DS riding, see new equipment, learn about making better videos, outdoor camping/cooking and a whole […]

Curbsyde Vimeo Page & YouTube Channel

  Curbsyde YouTube Channel Get to know this team of talented riders/cinematographers you will not regret it! Curbsyde Website


Brilliant ride! Curbsyde Productions.  I follow these guys when I can…top notch videos and of course unbelievable rides.  Curbsyde Productions My dream job!

Something Different! WOW

  Watch on WIDE screen and if you have an HD monitor you will see the WOW factor.