Gerbing’s Headquarters Tour (Nov. 6th, 7th & 8th 2011)

We headed out from Maple Ridge to Shelton, Washington on Sunday morning, Nov. 6th with our goal to be at the Gerbing’s Headquarters on Monday, Nov. 7th. The whole purpose of the trip was to get to Gerbing’s, trade in our old liners for their new micro-wire liners and to deal with some warranty items like our Y connectors. So, we decided to make a trip out of this and carry it over 2 nights. We are trying to get away on the bikes every 5 weeks for fun rather than just commuting.


Stopped for a quick bite to eat and headed South to take the ferry to Port Townsend, WA and finish off the part of the Olympic Peninsula that we did not do our October 3rd weekend trip.

Nothing like a good breakfast on a road trip! The peak foliage was past us but there were still a lot of good colour left.

Heading down Whidbey Island towards the ferry and while we waited for the ferry we got to take a quick look at Fort Casey. Fort Casey is an old fort that was used to protect Puget sound of any threat of an invasion.

Very cool fort really hidden from the sea in the hills and Washington State has kept it real with no fences and you can explore all over. There are a few places that you can fall over steep edges and Cheryl kept saying I bet some drunken fools have really hurt themselves here.

Such a great cheap 35 min ferry ride over to Port Townsend.

The ride down Rt 101 on the east side of the Olympic Peninsula is really pretty and scenic. We got caught in the dark but got to see an awesome sunset in between the trees. The temperature was dropping at this point and Cheryl and I agreed that camping out was out of the question. So, off to Shelton, WA and we stayed at a Super 8. We could have made it to Tumwater where Gerbing’s is located but decided to end the ride about 36 miles from Tumwater.

I woke up really early, this is a common occurrence with me, Leslie that is and caught a view of the sunrise. Riding this time of year makes for quick days. Gets dark really early and unless you leave right at sunrise there is not too many hours to ride in day light. Weird compared to our ride this summer in Alaska where we never had to worry about camping or riding in the dark. My bike was covered in frost. It was about –3 C.

We got to Gerbing’s early and traded in our old liners for their new an improved micro wire liner. Right away we noticed that the weight of the new liners was lighter. Gerbing’s got rid of the plastic pack where you plug in your cable extenders. The wires just come out of the jacket. There is this cool pocket in the back for their future hybrid battery pack. We were told that you will be able to plug the jackets into the bike and off the bike use a battery if you choose to stay warm. Nice option and forward thinking to prep the liners for this new feature.

Gerbing’s customer service is second to none. We had issues with our Y connectors and new ones are what we got. Warranty for 3 years on accessories. Cheryl’s left glove was burning her hand and the tech said there may have been an arc and she was issued new T5 gloves. Warranty for life. The women all there were great, helpful and after about an hour or so we were off. Right away what we noticed about the new micro wire liners is we got ones that fit better. That is important. They are lighter like I said, they heat up faster and feel warmer. So, thumbs up for the new gear. Oh, and yes Gerbing’s is moving their factory from China to North Carolina and although the girls told us what city I forgot again.

We rode through Tacoma, WA and what would a ride be without rain? We always find the rain but at this point in our riding lives we do not care anymore about rain, we expect it. On the way to Seattle to make a quick stop at Touratech we passed Boeing air field. We have been to the museum they have there before and is worth visiting if you are in this neck of the woods. Always cool to see what they have on the tarmac.

Stopped by Touratech to try on the new KLIM Latitude jackets, they are pretty nice and KLIM did not skimp on their logos for sure. No one will ever not know you are wearing a KLIM suit. We might wait before we invest in more gear. The Badlands looks sweet too. In the store there was a Multistrada decked out in TT accessories. Nice bike but we both think too pretty to beat on off road.

Got a quick shot of the Seattle skyline. I am really liking the new Panasonic TS3 camera. I am no longer worried about getting it into a dry place while it is raining and just whip it out and take shots. I had no issues with finding the power button with my Gerbing’s gloves on and making sure I watch my fingers to stay out of the lens view. Piece of cake and not bad pics.

After Seattle we decided to head to LaConner, WA for the night. LaConner is known as the Tulip Capital. Every Spring there are fields and fields of Tulips of every colour and type. People from all over the world come to see this spectacular display of colours. Years ago we went down for the festival. Might have to venture down again some time soon as LaConner is only a few hours South of us.

We stayed at the LaConner Channel Lodge which is gorgeous. Built in 1991 it is the only water view Hotel in town and is decorated in Arts & Crafts style. We LOVE Art & Crafts designs. Our room had a great little view of the Channel and we were psyched we decided to stay in Washington for another night and stay at the Lodge.

When we arrived at the Lodge we were greeted by a Blue Heron who also was there when I got up in the morning. Just had fun watching her fish and eventually fly away making that very unique Heron call.

Our room was just perfect! Fireplace, all trimmed out in wood. This is what our dream house would look like.

There is something to be said about traveling around off season, less people but you get to see all the same things. Nice an peaceful. Cheryl and I practically had the whole town and Lodge to ourselves.

We had a nice meal at the LaConner Brewery.

The Lodge where we stayed from the dock. Our bikes in the rain and a nice pic of my reflector tape. Never can be seen to much I say but Cheryl on the other hand thinks I am a little over the top with the reflective tape.

Before we left LaConner in the morning we took a walk around the main drag and although nothing was open was still nice to see what this little town has to offer. Very cute stores and one thing we know about ourselves is this; We always arrive in towns after stores close and we always leave before anything opens.

Huge cedar tree stump!

We headed back home via I 5 just to get home at this point. We both have to work on Wednesday, Nov. 9th. So, although this was a short trip it was great to get out and ride. We saw a lot of bikes on Sunday, the 6th and that was the coldest day. Temperatures for this trip ranged from – 1.5 C to 9. Average temp was about 6 C. Until next time!

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4 thoughts on “Gerbing’s Headquarters Tour (Nov. 6th, 7th & 8th 2011)”

    1. I much to see and do…what we find though when riding is sometimes we do not stop and see the sights enough…always a time factor, but one day we will slow it down a bit and take in more sights. It’s funny though when traveling in a car we tend to stop more and while on bikes all we want to do is ride. I guess in the end its all good that we can just get out. Our routes over the next few months will be limited by mountain passes unless we want to try and go over and hope we can make it through without a snow storm. So, any more trips will most likely have to stay on this side of the mountains and maybe then we can slow it down.

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