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More info on Glamping here!

Really cool website…camping choices for everyone out there!

Editor’s Picks

Latest Glamping Holidays

UNITED KINGDOM » Secret Valley, Somerset

Secret Valley, Somerset

Wooden wigwams and yurts surrounded by striking countryside within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty… more »

EUROPE » Glampelo, Central Portugal

Glampelo, Central Portugal

Absolute relaxation in a full service venue offering luxury safari tents in a completely secluded valley with private river… more »

AFRICA » Teniqua Treetops, Western Cape

Teniqua Treetops, Western Cape

Unique and secluded tented treehouse accommodation on the popular Garden Route in Western Cape… more »

AMERICAS » Bar W Guest Ranch, Montana

Bar W Guest Ranch, Montana

Cushy camping in these luxurious canvas lodge tents at the foot of the mountains near the town of Whitefish… more »

ASIA » Hintok River Camp at Hellfire Pass, River Kwai

Hintok River Camp at Hellfire Pass, River Kwai

A unique safari-style tented camp resort situated on one of the most spectacular spots along the famous River Kwai… more »

OCEANIA » Alure Boutique Villas, Queensland

Alure Boutique Villas, Queensland

High-end luxury awaits you at this first class tented villa in the heart of Queensland’s Granite Belt wine country… more »


  1. AlanI says:

    GLAMPING or Glamorous Camping, an expression I only came across a few weeks ago. Guess that now we’ve kicked motorcycle camping into touch with the sale of our ultra small 2-man tent and moved up market somewhat with a more luxurious sized family tent in which we can move around, we can now call ourselves GLAMPERS:
    Thanks for the link Leslie – something else to peruse over the winter months. 😦

  2. RichardM says:

    I was hoping you had a bunch of options in BC. As you can probably guess, we end up traveling fairly regularly between AK and the lower 48 (18x for me) and the route always crosses BC.

  3. RichardM says:

    BTW, I really like the way your site looks on an iPad. Very Flipboard like.

  4. advgrrls says:

    she just wants one…but what do you mean better bike-trip-friendly options? I just use a 15.6 inch laptop.

    • RichardM says:

      I originally got the iPad since I wanted something without a spinning hard drive for more durability from vibration and dust. Mostly for travelling. It was alright but I’ve since gotten a small MacBook Air and it weighs a couple of ounces more than the iPad, and has an order of magnitude more utility. Plus no spinning drives like the iPad so it should be pretty durable. So far so good. I also tried a Dell Netbook but it was way underpowered and the screen was too small. The iPad is useful for those times when you don’t necessarily need to get much done i.e. content creation.

      • advgrrls says:

        I agree…if and when we make the switch to Apple..getting a MacBook is what we will get for the trips. The iPad to me is just a big phone..but that’s just me.

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