BRIDGE CAMERA LINE UP–Reasonably Priced Big Zoom Cameras

Bridge Camera Roundup

By Allan Weitz

Published Fri, 2011-11-18 12:35

B&H Photo, where this info was obtained – click here!  Great website

Despite the growing availability of some impressively small mirrorless digital-camera systems, the market for bridge-style cameras continues to hold its own. If you think about it, it’s kind of cool to know you can purchase a technology-packed digital camera that can capture up to 10 frames per second, HD video with Dolby sound, and sports  a fixed 36x optical zoom lens no less for a few hundred dollars. I take that back. It’s very cool.

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Got this great info from a new friend we made while in Anchorage this summer on our Alaskan Adventure.  Gary and his wife Deb practically saved us from being homeless while we waited in Anchorage for the Triumph Tiger’s that we were riding to get “fixed” after experiencing stalling issues for 1000’s of kilometers.  While the fix did not work permanently when we were away, the good news is that 10 days after we got back Triumph had a world wide recall ready for all owners out there. It appears the stalling is no longer an issue for the Tiger’s.  Winking smile  Thanks Gary for the link and being a part of this BLOG and of course for your ADV hospitality.

I think this bike is a great idea if you lived in a city and or near work.  In our cases, both Cheryl and I live about an hour or more from work and commute on highways.  Maybe not a bike for our type of commute but for others?  Probably more feasible. 

Yamaha Y125 MOEGI Slated for Tokyo Motor Show


You see a lot of strange concepts displayed at the Tokyo Motor Show, but this one caught our eye.  There is something charming/retro about this ultra lightweight, air cooled single from Yamaha.  Although Yamaha isn’t saying, it doesn’t look like this machine could weigh more than 150 pounds.  The tire sizes look like they come from a mountain bike/beach cruiser bicycle, so one would have to wonder how they would hold up to even semi-aggressive cornering.  Nevertheless, if you value simplicity, this is an attractive concept.

Here is the sum total of what Yamaha has had to say about the Y125 MOEGI prior to the show:

“This concept model is a fresh embodiment of Yamaha design philosophy that combines the familiar look and feel of a bicycle in a motorcycle. Mounting a world standard 125cc class engine on a slim, lightweight frame, this model is designed to offer good fuel economy with an easy and enjoyable ride. Besides its appeal as a personal vehicle for daily commuting, it sports an active image that will lure owners on longer jaunts on the weekends.”

Cool Commuter Concept click here

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