Doris Wiedemann–Amazing ADV rider

Doris Wiedemann – Winter Trip to Prudhoe Bay 2009

Thanks to Richard M.  Fellow Blogger for pointing me to this site. Thumbs up

R1Sjaak and Doris Wiedemann arriving on Prudhoe Bay in winter after a 16.000 km. ride on two motorcycles.
Attican Pass and Deadhorse on two motorcycles at -35 Celsius
R1 Sjaak and Doris Wiedemann almost in Prudhoe bay at -35 Celsius on two motorbikes

There are more videos on the web site…just wanted to give you a taste. 

You must visit Doris’ web site and watch all her videos…take the time this is well worth it!  Amazing adventures, amazing SOLO rider and for her trip to Alaska it was the first time she rode with a companion.  Just a little about Doris:

I was born in Munich in 1967 and for more than 15 years I have been travelling with a motorcycle on my own. It all began rather simple, exploring my home country Bavaria with a Kawasaki Z 650 B for one week. Encouraged by this trip I went a bit further away on my next excursion, spending five month with a Honda Shadow 700 in the United States of America. There I caught the travelling buck. So I bought a BMW R 100 GS/PD. Our first test ride together was going up North, six Weeks through Scandinavia. A following off-road-training convinced me: we will stick together! A big petrol tank (42 litres), self made aluminium boxes and a rear suspension from Öhlins completed the BMW for spending six months with me in Australia. There the speedometer was damaged due to an accident.

Therefore a Touratech IMO accompanied me on my next trip across Africa, along the East Coast of the “laughing continent”, finishing in Cape Town, in the Southwest of Africa and the Republic of South Africa. After this trip I changed my direction. “Go East” was the idea of the my next journey: Vladivostok, the largest Harbour in the East of Russia, Korea and Japan were the destinations I visited.
“I can get you bike into China, but you will have to leave it there.” This option tempted me in spring 2005 to go across Poland, Ukraina, Kazakhstan and Mongolia. Of course I did not want to leave my beloved BMW R 100 GS in China. Alternatively I bought a used TT 39, a Touratech travel version of the BMW F 650 GS/PD. And we did spend a total of six months together in China. Since you cannot plan adventures, it all went different at the border, and “Redround Cheeky” (the bike) came back with me to Germany again.

Meanwhile I added another experience to my live curriculum: It was almost going back to the roots when I went to New York on January 1st, 2009. But it was quite different, because I travelled for the first time with a companion and we went from the Southernmost point of continental USA to the Northern shore of Alaska – over snow and ice in the middle of winter.

My main purpose of travelling is meeting people. My curiosity about their culture and their way of living, their language, their interests and their humour repeatedly drag me away from my working desk. “Relationships between human beings are the greatest adventures of the human race” – in this sense of meaning, and only in this sense, I am an adventurer.

Travelling by myself does have some disadvantages: There is no familiar friend to talk to. There is nobody to share the luggage and organisational work, the joyful and the sad moments on the road. But to me the advantages count more: I mingle profoundly with foreign people and their unknown culture. I find ways to communicate with persons without sharing a common language. Most of my hosts find it easier to invite one person instead of two or more – out of social reasons as much as out of financial and room capacity. Being on my own I do integrate into their households and accommodate myself to their family life. This way I experience – absolutely subjective and without satisfying any statistical requirements – live in different countries of this world.

My point of view so far:

All over the world people are shaken with anger and disappointment, fear and sorrow. But there is also love and sympathy, joy and hospitality. Live on the rest of earth is as manifold and interesting as it is in the little Bavarian village, where I live – only a little different. And: It’s the little joyful moments one encounters in every day life, which make life worth living – in Germany as much as in the whole world.

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