Taking a chance here!

Not trying to get political or even stir the pot….but this video is such a great display of relationships and love that I feel the need to share it.  Congrats to the Australians for putting this together but having said that…such a shame in this day and age we even question or criticize relationships between anyone who truly loves another.  Sorry for the break in adventure action but like I have said this is a BLOG about many things including raising awareness.

It’s TIME!

music: Oliver Tank – Last Night I Heard Everything in Slow Motion


  1. Maria says:

    Good for the Australians!!!! BTY, the two of you are cute! 🙂

  2. Jackie says:

    Don’t be afraid to go out on that limb. Your tree is tall and strong!!!

  3. charlesb990 says:

    I love that video so much. Very Beautiful message and campaign.

  4. That was awesome, thanks for sharing. Hopefully we can have that sometime in this country, you know if the Jehovah witnesses don’t kill us all.

    • advgrrls says:

      glad you stopped by…nice BLOG you got there…and hope you get your practice some day. Welcome!!!!!!

      • Thank you =)

        Let me just add that the best part of your blog is that no matter where you are you and your partner have a big smile on your faces. Vacations and traveling can be so stressful, I’m glad you two know how to have a good time!

        You’re blessed with a partner who loves the same things as you and even more so in the fact that you’ve found happiness within yourself. I hope to have the same one day.


  5. advgrrls says:

    I guess we both work in careers where we see life cut short and it is really all about trying to be happy. We are both out in our careers, we are out on this blog and have thousands who either don’t care or still never make a snide comment. We are just two people trying to work hard so we can play hard. In the end does it really matter gay, straight, black or white? Naaaaaaaaaa….just important to be with the one you care about and live your life as best as you can. Thanks again for your kind comment! Hope you stick around.

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