“Oasis in the Middle of Nowhere”

Dalton Highway is North of Fairbanks

ADVGRRLS Review of BOREAL LODGE off the DALTON HIGHWAY on Trip Adviser

Much nicer and cheaper than Coldfoot!  You should remember this place if you are going to ride the Dalton! 😉 We promised the owners of this lodge we would post a review on Trip Adviser and I finally got around to doing just that…the review was just approved.

We rode our motorcycles up the Dalton Highway this summer, 2011 and were told about this Lodge by some fellow ADV riders. Much better than the Coldfoot accommodations and half the price. Only about 13 miles north of Coldfoot and 3 miles off the Dalton and you get a wonderful host family, clean facilities and just a nice place to stay warm for the night en-route to Deadhorse. Don’t expect cook meals but the main Lodge has some canned goods and staple foods for you to buy. Coldfoot is not far away if yo must have someone cook for you.

There is a shared kitchen that you can use and it is stocked with pots and pans, even coffee for you to make in the morning. No WIFI unless you are in the main lodge. Just FYI.

Highly recommend this place over Coldfoot not only for the price but the location. Oh, not many rooms, only 5 and a cabin so maybe call a head to make sure they have room.

Wiseman is located 272 miles (435 km) north of Fairbanks, which is the nearest city, and 13 miles north of Coldfoot, which is the nearest service area with food & fuel available. The turnoff to Wiseman Village is located at Milepost 188.5 on the Dalton Highway, just over the Middle Fork of the Koyukuk River bridge, and it is 3 miles (4.8 km) into the village.Driving from Fairbanks is the most common means of travel to Wiseman. To reach the Dalton Highway from Fairbanks, you will need to get on the Elliott Highway, which will link up with the Dalton 84 miles (134 km) north. The highway is paved from Fairbanks to Gold Creek, which is approx 10 miles (16 km) north of Wiseman. However, there are intermittent stretches of gravel road for approx. 78 miles (125 km) to the south of Coldfoot. Dalton is gravel north of Gold Creek, with intermittent paved stretches, and well maintained.There are also commercial flying services that fly into Coldfoot from Fairbanks, Coldfoot Camp offers van service to Wiseman (check with them prior for schedule & fees), and Commercial van service from Fairbanks is available through Fairbanks based companies, as well as rental car companies.

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2 thoughts on ““Oasis in the Middle of Nowhere””

  1. We paid $90 for the two of us at Boreal Lodge versus $190 at Coldfoot. Gas averaged around $4.00 + a gallon and I think we paid at least once even $6.00

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