“Prudhoe Bay Motel perfect for the end of the road”


Yeah this hotel is expensive at $110 per person but there are not many choices in Deadhorse. PLUS, you get to eat 24 hrs a day in their really good cafeteria. So, for the money you get WIFI, a very clean room and facility, clean showers & bathrooms, polite locals, wear your booties to help housekeeping and all is good.

Deadhorse is a dry town so as an ADV motorcyclist who like to have a beer after a hard day ride, don’t think about it. Good thing really, what these hard working folks do up there with oil and the HUGE machinery being dry is important. We actually really enjoyed our stay here and would go back in a heart beat. Doesn’t look so hot from the outside but inside warm, clean like I said and great endless food. Oh, plus you can pack food for the ride back to Fairbanks. Bonus!

We checked out the Caribou Inn…similar in set up but I think the Prudhoe Bay Hotel is nicer…just our opinion.  Also, there is a newish hotel in town from what we hear.  Did not see it…the Aurora Hotel.  Supposed to be a “higher” end place to stay while visiting the end of the road.

Folks in Deadhorse say you can camp but you have to ride 20 miles outside of town to do this.  I was told this is because there are grizzly’s in the area and the residents of this town do not want any human smells in and around the area from campers.  That is what we were told… 😉

Author: advgrrl

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4 thoughts on ““Prudhoe Bay Motel perfect for the end of the road””

  1. Looks warm n cosy especially after a long hard days ride I have stayed in places like that in northern Quebec and you have to expect those prices when you are at the end of the world and the food was great what more do you need.

    1. it was actually perfect and this is where we met Ray Jardine. An incredible adventurer and inventor. Google his name….and if you check out our posts from the ride out of Deadhorse back to Fairbanks near the end of July you will see his story. I will post the post link as soon as I find it.

    1. Of course…just lacking in the picture department when it comes to UAF…I posted a little one back when we were there but will of course highlight it soon. You are ahead of me…LOL Although love BLOG ideas and what others want to read too. I may have a post just asking that…think I have before but we are getting a lot of action on this BLOG once again so might throw it out there…

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