We stayed at the University before and after riding the Dalton Highway.  They rent rooms for $46/night, per person and you get 2 twin beds, shared bathroom, common showers, WIFI, sheets, pillow, soap, towels, free laundry and even a TV room with pool table.  On campus cafeteria and for $10.30 each you get buffet style food.
That reminds me, the cafeteria food although was not that bad, both Cheryl and I seemed to not really like it about an hour after we ate the “buffet”  if you know what I mean.
If you are not wanting to camp while in Fairbanks this is by far the best deal in town and the best way to meet other ADV riders who are waiting to ride the Dalton or who have come back.  I give this 5 stars just because it is really cool the UAF offers this to riders, puts up with all our dirty gear and are very friendly.  We stayed in an older dorm the first night and when we got back from Deadhorse we got to stay in the newer dorms right where you check in.
Parking can be an issue, make sure you ask about a parking pass.  They give tickets out if you illegally park.
We did not make reservations but it’s in your best interest to make them just in case…there is an online reservation form.
Guest Housing Options

Conference Services offers guest accommodations between late May and early August annually.

Our summer housing consists of seven residence halls and a two bedroom apartment complex for conference participants and guests. We offer handicapped accessible guest accommodations as well. Please contact our office if you require special accommodations.

Residence Halls – Single and Double rooms
  • Double rooms – Includes two extra long twin beds
  • Single rooms – Includes one extra long twin bed
  • Community kitchens with microwave, range, refrigerator
  • Recreational lounges with televisions and other equipment
  • Free laundry facilities
  • Community bathrooms with private shower stalls
  • Free ethernet computer connections (computer not included). Registration to connect to the UAF network is available at no cost through the Conference Services front desk.
  • Linens include sheets, pillow, pillow case, blanket, washcloth and towels.


Fairbanks is also the location of Adventure Cycleworks.  A family owned operation that is based out of thier home.

This is an adventure bikers haven for tire changes, mechanical issues, oil changes, parts, you name it.  Open 24 hours a day during the season, Dan is a self proclaimed non-politically correct man originally from New York of all places but moved to Alaska and never looked back.  He and his son Shawn work on bikes from their home and many long lost travelers go there because Dan is meticulous bout his work and bike friendly atmosphere.  Dan does like to talk, probably more than me, Leslie.

Some ADV riders get tires shipped to ADV Cycleworks or order them from the guys and have them there when you arrive.  We did neither.  Our Heidenau tires lasted the entire trip with no problems, but then again we only rode almost 14,000 KM 😉 We got our oil changed and new filters that we brought with us.

Feel free to contact Shawn or Dan at 907-457-4259 or or ADV Cycleworks Web Site

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