My 40,000 KM Service at 48,000 KM

Look at the pic below and guess what Leslie did wrong on her own DIY project.

***UPDATE:  The mistake was found in the comments below and also I just replaced my low beam with a Philips Moto Vision bulb DOT approved.  Want to see how long this one lasts and if it is even brighter than the PIAA as promised. 

I guess you can say I run a little late when getting some of the servicing done to my bike.  According to the servicing schedule for my BMW F650GS the valves need to be inspected every 20,000 KM.  Well I did this in and around 20K but did not get around to my next inspection until yesterday, Dec. 6th.  Good news everything was within spec.  No adjustments needed.  I had the guys do some  preventative stuff to my bike, all that can done by yourself but I figure since the bike was apart why not get a new air filter and spark plugs. 

Cheryl is mainly responsible for maintaining our bikes. Her attention span to details is way way better than mine.  Hence the first picture.  I am going to post a pic and I want to see if anyone can tell us what is wrong in the pic and what is it that you are looking at.  Tomorrow I will reveal what I did incorrectly when left to my own devices and trying to a DIY project.  I have learned after my trip to Pacific Motosports 

that if I am going to participate in motorcycle maintenance than I need to have Cheryl thoroughly inspect my “work”.  😉

Take a look at Pacific Motosports FB page and have a LIKE…how many dealers do you know have a stock like them and they are ADV biker friendly! PACIFIC MOTOSPORTS FACEBOOK PAGE

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Cruz TOOLS – Because OEM kits Suck


We have learned that the tool kits that come with many bikes just suck.  So, we started out our new and improved tool kit for our Beemers with a Cruz Tools kit and have since added many other might need extras from our own garage.  We feel the Cruz set up provides a good foundation and the quality of their tools are pretty decent. 

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