Cruz TOOLS – Because OEM kits Suck


We have learned that the tool kits that come with many bikes just suck.  So, we started out our new and improved tool kit for our Beemers with a Cruz Tools kit and have since added many other might need extras from our own garage.  We feel the Cruz set up provides a good foundation and the quality of their tools are pretty decent. 

We don’t have one of these but will for our next trip instead of carrying our bulky socket. 

You can buy Cruz Tools probably from your dealer or online.  Many companies carry this brand or others like it.  Other trip items are:  Tire Plug Kit, tire gauge, Swiss Army knife or Leatherman, wire, loctite, zip ties and first aid kit.  We bring some other items but I am going to leave that up to you…the readers to add….as a comment. 

We bring along enough to hopefully get us through some common problems both mechanically and any accessories we have the bikes.   Any MAJOR engine problems we all know most likely can not be fixed on the road.  Also a tool many of us have nowadays is a GPS, but don’t forget to bring a good old map.  See when a GPS fails, at least you have the old fashion way to get you to where you want to go.  😉

While I might do all the blogging, CHERYL is most definitely the mechanic in the family.  She will take a part anything and try to fix it with no hesitation.  She rarely reads manuals because she likes to figure things out.  Having 2 of the same exact bikes in the home helps as she can compare when she tears into one.

See the DIY tab in the header.

What do you carry on your bike for your trips?


  1. Kathleen Manz says:

    A sonic screwdriver. When that doesn’t work I have a cell phone and a credit card.

    Actually my husband set up our toolkits; he kind of model our kits after cruz tool kits.

  2. David Burgis says:

    Both my Royal Enfield,s come with complete set of handy tools to tackle most jobs that you can do on the road even tie levers and two inner tubes,and a manual, my Triumph boast,s reliability and you get nothing with it other than a manual, but I always take tools with me on any long journeys as being a Mechanic bye trade I try to prepare my self for the unexpected, tires are #1 on my mind with most modern bike being tubeless I bring along a Co2 tire inflater and tire plugs and hope I never get to use them

  3. Kathleen Manz says:

    We each have air pumps as well. Chuck has the F800 so he carries an extra set of tubes and I have plugs for my F650. Right now I need a nice little case to keep my tools in … I am using a plastic grocery bag for the time being. I do like the pouch the cruz tool set in the picture uses.

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