My 40,000 KM Service at 48,000 KM

Look at the pic below and guess what Leslie did wrong on her own DIY project.

***UPDATE:  The mistake was found in the comments below and also I just replaced my low beam with a Philips Moto Vision bulb DOT approved.  Want to see how long this one lasts and if it is even brighter than the PIAA as promised. 

I guess you can say I run a little late when getting some of the servicing done to my bike.  According to the servicing schedule for my BMW F650GS the valves need to be inspected every 20,000 KM.  Well I did this in and around 20K but did not get around to my next inspection until yesterday, Dec. 6th.  Good news everything was within spec.  No adjustments needed.  I had the guys do some  preventative stuff to my bike, all that can done by yourself but I figure since the bike was apart why not get a new air filter and spark plugs. 

Cheryl is mainly responsible for maintaining our bikes. Her attention span to details is way way better than mine.  Hence the first picture.  I am going to post a pic and I want to see if anyone can tell us what is wrong in the pic and what is it that you are looking at.  Tomorrow I will reveal what I did incorrectly when left to my own devices and trying to a DIY project.  I have learned after my trip to Pacific Motosports 

that if I am going to participate in motorcycle maintenance than I need to have Cheryl thoroughly inspect my “work”.  😉

Take a look at Pacific Motosports FB page and have a LIKE…how many dealers do you know have a stock like them and they are ADV biker friendly! PACIFIC MOTOSPORTS FACEBOOK PAGE

What is this a picture of?

Our dealer is really going under a major over haul.  Not only changing their name but Pacific Motosports in Richmond, BC will now only be selling



BMW’s, Triumph’s, Moto Guzzi, Husqvarna and Aprilia.  Pretty impressive line up and hopefully will do well selling these “high” end bikes.  They are in the middle of some renovations and and improving their showroom etc.  Looks pretty good so far. 

No no sign yet

Having a good relationship with your dealer is important.  While we have had some issues in the past with Pacific Motosports there is nothing like sitting down with the service manager to express our initial concerns and getting a positive response.  Rusty is the service manager at this dealer and we think he is an asset.  Rusty is a good guy, works hard to make his customers happy and content. 

Rusty hard at work

What we really like about Pacific since our summer experience with another dealer, and what we truly appreciate is how experienced Pacific Motosports is with ADV riding and bikes. 

Getting new Business cards soon

Most of the guys that work at this shop ride.  Some even do wicked ADV touring.  They know your bike, they know what you need for an adventure of any sort.  We now know that this experience and knowledge is not something all dealers have and is an important part of the customer/dealer relationship.

While at the shop and when my bike was being worked on I hung out chatting as usual and taking pics. 

Triumph Line up
Impressive Fleet

They have each brand in their own section….I guess there had to be a certain amount of floor space in order to carry these models.

Moto Guzzi

My bike when torn apart looks like a KTM?  😉

Here George the technician starts to dig in to get to my valves.

Very dirty bike

It is unusual to be “allowed” in the back but it is the off season for bike maintenance and I was able to get back into the shop to have a peek how involved the valve inspection service really is….

Cheryl and I both agree when it comes to this stuff we will leave it up to the pros. 

My bike will probably have to wait until Spring for a really good wash.  Throughout the winter I will try to rinse off the salt they use on the roads but other than that no real bath.  The dealer offered to wash my bike after the service but I declined.  Good thing because on my way home I got nailed with freezing cold rain and the bike was a disaster by the time I got home.  Only an hour on the road, that is how far the dealer is from my house because of traffic not distance.

Getting to the valves

The bike looks so sad in this state….

Valves did not need any adjustments

In a good mood George…BTW…great time to get your bike serviced this time of year.  It’s slow, the guys appreciate the work and you get 20% parts & labour until end of January.  I rather get our bikes in for major servicing during the off season, less chaotic at the dealer and they seem to have more time to explain what it is they are doing.

In Canada we have a 3 year unlimited warranty on our Beemers.  Such a great deal really especailly for riders like Cheryl and myself.  We ride about 28,000 KM a year and if we owned this bike in the States, BMW limits their warranty.  Not sure why there is the difference but there is for now and we are not complaining.  I have 48,000 KM on my bike which was bought March 5th, 2010.  My warranty is good until 2013.  Cheryl’s bike just turned 2 years old on Dec. 5th, 2011.  So, she is good until Dec. 2012.  Which brings me to the next pic.

To extend or not to extend?

If we keep the bikes past the initial warranty we might think about buying more coverage.  Triumph offers a 2 year warranty.

So, to wrap up this service I got done valve inspection/clearance, no adjustments needed, bike was hooked up to the BMW Motorrad diagnostic system for any new updates which there were none, replaced spark plugs as part of maintenance, replaced air filter as part of maintenance, they went through the entire check list for things like coolant level, clutch play, brake pads, they changed brake fluid for the entire system, checked all connectors and hoses, tire pressure and tread depth (more about my amazing Heidenau tires, they have over 20,000 KM on them and look GREAT), checked lubrication of chain drive, side stand, steering head bearing (THEY are brand new as of 5,000 KM ago) and finally road worthiness.

Parts needed a new valve Gasket Kit, 2 spark plugs and one air filter.  This is not a cheap service and even with the discount was just shy of $400 CDN.  Worth it for piece of mind.  Funny though on my way home my low beam blew out.  No biggie we have back ups.  Our OEM bulb only lasted 15,000 KM, our new PIAA Bulbs has lasted 33,000 KM…not bad.

Now remember to take a look at the first picture…what did I, Leslie do wrong to warrant the dealer’s manager and tech to bring me into the back to show me this?

So, what is this?

I am curious to see if anyone can figure out my BIG mistake…could have been really serious and to be honest the guys were nice about pointing this out to me but I BET they got a good laugh when I left.  UGH!  Comment away…and again I will post tomorrow what the answer is …..until next time…hope you are able to ride some this time of year and if not…GET your bike serviced! LOL

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9 thoughts on “My 40,000 KM Service at 48,000 KM”

  1. Nice dealership! Going to have to take a trip to it next time I’m in BC:)

    Also, wow am I glad my bike has the flying V! Soo much easier to check valves! Looking forward to the answer!

  2. very astute Chris. I did not secure the pad in the caliper and when I brought the bike in yesterday the inside pad was hanging down and rubbing in the rim. There are marks like this one all the way around…good thing it was found and wasn’t long ago that I changed them. Cheryl is the boss and from now own will check whatever I do on my own bike because I am not allowed to touch her bike. LOL

    1. Pin was in and locked..the pad was not securely placed in the caliper…that was made it deceptive to see at first. Pin was in it’s position just fine but obviously I did not place the pad correctly…you live and learn.

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