Humpback Whale Shows AMAZING Appreciation After Being Freed From Nets

Michael Fishbach, co-founder of The Great Whale Conservancy (GWC), narrates his encounter with a young humpback whale entangled in local fishing nets.

At first, the animal appeared to be dead, yet Fishbach investigated and quickly discovered that the poor creature was tangled in a fishing net. The humans had to act fast; what began as a tragedy soon became a thrilling rescue as Fishbach and his crew labored to free the young whale. The entire encounter was caught on videotape and later narrated by Fishbach himself.

This young whale knows how to show appreciation by treating them to a magnificent aerial spectacle after it was finally freed.

AMAZING story of courage….

Author: advgrrl

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18 thoughts on “Humpback Whale Shows AMAZING Appreciation After Being Freed From Nets”

  1. What a great end to what could have been a great loss hope it went on to live a long life and stay away from the Japanese whaler,s, one day we may fully under stand these great creachers of the ocean.

  2. Love the child’s voice telling it so honestly… “She’s showing us that she’s all free.” Beautiful video 🙂

  3. Was the little girl’s name kaitlin or Kahlan? and if it was the latter, did it happen to be inspired by Sword of Truth?

    1. so the guy who made the video got it wrong? he is filming a Grey Whale? Too funny as this video has gone viral and I have never read anyone correcting the video maker.

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