DIY Mini Camp Stove

Such a simply yet useful video on how to make a very compact camping stove….if anyone has made this or is going to make this…let us know how it works out.


  1. Sue Herring says:

    This is so small that it certainly would pack away much better than either the Jetbroil or the MSR Whisperlite International (which can use the bike’s gas). Winter is here and time for both attempting to make one and using it in the next winter’s power failure! Would have been great to have one on hand during the 1998 ice storm in eastern ON and QC when I went 19 days, 7.5 hours without any electricity. Luckily I had a propane range top and a woodstove…so the parties were at my place! Again, I was lucky to have been to the liquor store the weekend before for a big re-supply! Coal oil lamps lit the house, The piano and banjo got used a lot which restarted my musical interest, alive and well to this day. Only really neat gadget of today that would have been really handy then is the crank radios we have now. Some retailers, when we were able to get out on the roads, took advantage of the storm and upped the prices of batteries as some did for generators as well. The army confiscated one guy’s stash of generators for which he had inflated prices! Many good deeds were done to balance these sleazy tactics by some.
    Thank you so much for posting this link!!

  2. RichardM says:

    I first heard about that stove a few years ago on a forum but the video makes more sense than the written description. It looks like it puts our quite a bit of heat.

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