100,000 HITS! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our BLOG really started in June 2011 and since our inception we have turned over 100,000 hits sometime today, January 10th, 2012.  To be honest I thought after we were finished with Triumph the BLOG would die but that has not been the case because of all of you and it has become part of […]


This is news to us as we own the Contour + camera presently.  For our trip this summer we used the Contour HD 1080p and the regular Contour HD.  When we got back we were offered a free upgrade to the plus if we traded in our 1080p camera.  That was a no brainer for […]

Apple Products vs. Apple the Fruit (Infographic)

Cheryl and I own some Apple devices…such as both of us have iPhones and iPads.  I have tried to make the switch to an Apple laptop but not “ready” yet.  I need the Apple laptop to be able to run a decent money program.  Quicken stopped for now making software for the new OS used […]