This is news to us as we own the Contour + camera presently.  For our trip this summer we used the Contour HD 1080p and the regular Contour HD.  When we got back we were offered a free upgrade to the plus if we traded in our 1080p camera.  That was a no brainer for me.

Not sure if we will dive right into this technology but can you imagine the doors this will open while someone is on an adventure?  Cheryl and I talked about doing a live broadcast from the road to answer questions etc….but this might be even better.  I am not really a technologically gifted person hence to no live feed when we were on the road but it would have been easy to do via U Stream now that I think about it.  

Anyone out there…would you use something like this???

CES Video: Live-stream your next ski run, from your helmet

January 10, 2012 at 12:48 pm by

Posting from Las Vegas: Mountable HD cameras from Seattle-based Contour are already popular among extreme sports enthusiasts, allowing them to capture video of their exploits from their own points of view. A new partnership announced by the company today takes it to a new level, adding the option of live streaming video from the cameras, from pretty much anywhere.

Tokyo-based Cerevo announced today that its LiveShell device will be able to connect to the Contour camera via an HDMI cable and use Ustream to broadcast a live video feed from the camera over the web. The companies say the setup takes less than five minutes.

At the Contour booth here at the Consumer Electroics Show today, Cerevo’s CEO Takuma Iwasa, a motor sports enthusiast, explained that he was a user of the Contour camera before partnering with the Seattle company.

One big catch, for now: The LiveShell device connects to Ustream using either a Wi-Fi or wired network, not a cellular connection, so extreme sports enthusiasts will need to be carrying a mobile hotspot, such as those in some smartphones, to truly offer an on-the-go streaming experience. The companies say they envision a wide variety of uses, not just extreme sports.

LiveShell will go on sale for $299 on Feb. 1 via Contour’s online store. It works with the Contour+ camera, which sells for $499.99.

Author: advgrrl

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  1. Way too expensive right now. Looks like it needs a $100+/month phone plan, and 4G network coverage. There wont be network any place that’s actually interesting. Seems like the most exciting video I could get is me sitting in city traffic, lol. I really like the idea, but when traveling I have no room on the bike for a satellite up-link.

    1. from what I gather you can use your iPhone as a hot spot..did not read closely enough about the 4G network. I wonder if 3G would work? We at times get a data package for our iPhones when traveling in the States. If the phone works as the hot spot you should be able to use this device without a plan I would imagine.

  2. Plans I’ve looked at are another $30/month for the Wi-fi function. 3G might be fast enough, but coverage is still too limited for much of what I would be interested in transmitting. Just seems pretty iffy for ADV touring.
    On a side note : anything interesting enough that I would call my brother and say ” Hay bro, you gotta log on and watch this!” is likely to end badly, LOL.

  3. Nice post. I learn something totally new technology on blogs I stumbleupon on a daily basis. It will always be interesting to read articles from other writers and use a little something from other websites. Ask me about “My Office Systems”

  4. Probably wouldn’t use it as is. It’s a fancy feature, but lacks everything that contour sets out to do. Small, sleek, easy, high quality… Here you would be paying $300 for a device that would require you to have a wire sticking out the back of the camera to the streamer which you have to store on you somewhere, to broadcast a standard definition video on a website that no one has ever heard of. I’ll hold out. I am however interested in how you got your free upgrade… Please, let me know how to do that.

    1. I have no idea how I got the upgrade…I got back from Alaska, Contour sent me an email asking if I wanted to trade my GPS version for the + and I said YEP! 😉

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