How would this do for all you adventurers out there????  You ride for months in the same gear, eat whenever and wherever you can, sleep in tents, live with dirt and at times exhaustion, exposed to all elements, loving every bit of the good and bad and then when you arrive home you take a “real” vacation….like normal folks and you go here….

My question is this….would want to go here if you could after a long ride?  My partner Cheryl would totally be in for this type of R & R…me?  I would not refuse going in the least bit.   All I can say is OMG!  Amazing what rich people can do for “fun”.

The largest overwater bungalow in the world BY FAR

Overwater bungalows and water villas are known for being expensive, but at least they are also known for being larger than a typical hotel room, especially when you include the private decks. There are over 110 resorts in the world offering these over-the-water rooms, and almost all of them are over 500 square feet, and usually around 1,000 square feet. This makes those about 2 to 3 times larger than a typical city hotel room.

At the Soneva Gili by Six Senses Resort, they have 44 Villa Suites and Residences that range from 2,260 to 2,691 square feet, making them among the largest in the Maldives. But one – known as the Private Reserve – measures in at an astounding 15,069 square feet (1400 m²)!!! It’s arguably the finest overwater resort in the Maldives, and the Private Reserve is BY FAR the largest overwater villa in the world.

Like a bit of privacy? You got it

The Private Reserve is the most remote of the 8 water villas that are only accessible by boat at the Soneva Gili Resort. You can get to the island in your own private motor boat, or you can have “Mr. Friday” (one of your two 24-hour private staff) pilot you back and forth.

This degree of privacy is one of the reasons that many celebrities prefer to stay at the Soneva Gili when they holiday in the Maldives.

Extreme luxury or not?

One interesting aspect of all the Six Senses resorts is that they don’t actually claim to be “luxury” properties, as they are more focused on comfort. By this they appear to mean that you won’t find a solid-gold minibar or a piano made of diamonds in the rooms. In fact, the decor is what they call “rustic chic” and it looks much more like Gilligan’s Island than it does the Burj al Arab Hotel.

They are just being modest. In reality, this is the highest-rated of all resorts in the Maldives by TripAdvisor and by nearly any other measure. The rooms range from huge to ridiculous, and the staff get universal raves from anyone who comes near the place.

Key features of the Private Reserve

  • Area: 15,069 sq ft (1,400 m²)
  • Resident Mr & Mrs Friday (Personal Butlers) on call 24 hours
  • Luxuriously appointed living space in the middle of a turquoise blue lagoon
  • Situated 500 metres from Soneva Gili and 300 metres from the closest villa, accessible only by boat
  • Uninterrupted views of the Indian Ocean
  • 5 separate buildings designed in rustic chic style
  • 2 master suites, each with ceiling to floor windows on 3 sides
  • Private indoor and outdoor relaxation areas and sundecks
  • A large central open plan living area with sea garden, natural
  • coral pool, surrounding viewing/sun decks, dining area, writing desk and daybeds
  • Unique open-air 100sqm private bathroom with separate glass walled shower enclosure
  • Each master suite has a relaxing horizon style plus a 2 person bathtub built over coral gardens
  • Private spa facility with sauna, steam room, indoor and outdoor treatment pavilion and upstairs air-conditioned gymnasium
  • Entertainment/library suite with the latest in plasma and audiovisual technology
  • Individually controlled music throughout the villa, including the underwater coral pool
  • Fully equipped gourmet kitchen available for private dining, snacks, healthy drinks or coffee and tea
  • Residents will be invited to design their own cellar selection from our list of 300 wines
  • A deep water coral pool is situated next to the central living area
  • For the light hearted, a waterslide is installed from the top deck into the coral pool
  • Roof-top sun deck with daybed and two outdoor dining pavilions
  • Personal, easy to use motorised transfer boats exclusive to guests
  • Alternatively Mr Friday will captain and transport residents
  • A private 400hp, 36 foot speedboat with crew on call at all times

Price of the Private Reserve

US$8,750 per night for up to 6 guests during low season
US$15,000 per night in high season

The above rates are just for the “room” as it were. You can also get packages that include all meals (including soft drinks) and one massage per day for an extra fee.

Additional photos of Soneva Gili’s Private Reserve villa




  1. Henriette says:

    OMG! We need to go there!

  2. AlanI says:

    The wife just walked into the room whilst I was reading this and immediately thought that I was planning a surprise holiday vacation. Strange really as her last great wish/desire was to dive on the Titanic. Yes you guessed it……..she’s a real daydreamer. 🙂
    Anyway, for myself I couldn’t think of anything worse than spending a week (worse would be 2 weeks) marooned in a hut as private as it might be. I get bored after 10 minutes sitting on a beach somewhere and generally leave the wife to get sunburn alone whilst I take myself off and explore somewhere. Besides which – there’s no obvious place to park the bike.
    How Tom Hanks managed on that island (Castaway) for 4 years I don’t know. 😦

  3. advgrrls says:

    I could handle a week here believe or not…Cheryl could live here…but you are correct Alan..where on earth or water for that matter would we park and ride our bikes? 😉

  4. RichardM says:

    I don’t know, did you see the Top Gear episode filmed in Viet Nam where they made their motor bikes into boats. You may be on to something here…

    I agree with Cheryl on this one.

  5. AlanI says:

    And if she stayed long enough then heaven would be the next stop. Apparently the Maldives aren’t going to be around that much longer due to rising sea levels.

  6. Wow it looks like my view outside my window…

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