Meteorologists Welcome Newest Cloud Type

On our trip this summer I took a real keen interest in the cloud formations that we saw along our route from BC, the Yukon and Alaska.  I would often take pics of the sky because of the many different clouds and colours we would see.  Well, mainly dark clouds because the rain just loved to follow us for almost 12,000 KM.  😉  In any case here are a few pictures of new cloud formation that meteorologists have named Undulatas Aperatus.  See link below.  Has anyone ever seen skies like these?  I find them just beautiful and mysterious in some kind of way.

Science Buzz Cumulus, nimbus, stratus, cirrus…asperatus? First “discovered” in 2009, scientists have finally named this dramatic and rare cloud occurence as Undulatus Asperatus.

Donna D.
posted about 5 months ago


  1. AlanI says:

    Wow !!! Have never seen anything remotely like those cloud formations which is probably just as well really as first thought would be that the end of the world was indeed nigh. 🙂

  2. advgrrls says:

    Jackie awesome link thanks!

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