Road to Barkerville – EP 4 of 4

Joe Lloyd and his wife Flora really produce such great ADV videos.  I have posted these guys before and this is another installment of their trip to Barkerville which is located here in BC just north of Quesnel.  Cheryl and I visited Barkerville this summer on the Triumphs.

We were told the back roads were closed so I find it amazing that Joe and his crew made up to Barkerville the back door way successfully.  Nice adventure they all had riding through Likely.

If you ever come to BC you have to go visit this authentic Gold Rush Town.  See below for more info!  Enjoy and just so you know I have emailed Joe directly asking about DVD’s for any of his videos and they are thinking about it but for now just an online download for the full video on their website.  Would anyone buy a DVD? Please comment…just curious because we would have all his travels.


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