Today was motorcycle show day for us.  Although the weather really smarten up and actually was pretty nice out we drove anyway because Cheryl is not feeling well.  I think everyone in the lower mainland must have headed out to the show today because the temperature was above freezing and there was no snow coming down.


Just for the record, this past week was the worst week I have ever experienced in 14 years commuting to Vancouver.  So not only did I start a new job but on top of that fact my commute was hell all week.  OK, got that off my chest, back to the show.  

We were a little disappointed in the show to be honest.  UPDATE:  We have been told we missed the Triumph bikes…OOPS, have no idea how that happened but apparently the 1200 was there!  Embarrassing!  Triumph did not have the new Tiger 1200 Explorer and not even a Tiger 800XC to see.  KTM was only a very small area and no ADV 990 bikes.  NYC is having a show as well and I bet everyone took their bikes there.  Bummer eh?  I really wanted to see the new Triumph 1200.  We did get to chat to a BMW guy about what BMW might be up to.  We were told nothing new for 2012 as we all know but he did say couldn’t hurt to put a deposit down for a 2013 BMW F800GS.  🙂

 We could not get anything more out of the rep.  I really do have a feeling later in the year BMW will indeed announce a change to the 800GS family.  Just got a feeling.

The Sertao is “cute”.  Higher stance than the regular 650 single and just a neat looking bike.

New color for the F650GS twin.  Just black paint on the faux tank.  Gave us an idea to butch up our own bikes.

Couldn’t get near the 1200GSA without someone sitting on the bike.  That bike just looks like an ADV touring machine.

Funny while I was taking pictures and chatting with folks people were coming up to Cheryl, remember the quiet one out of the 2 of us and saying the recognized her from our Blog.  Kind of neat people out there have read our Triumph Trip and know our blog. Two names I remember were Kelly from Washington and a guy named John.  Hi guys nice to have met you.

Plenty of new Can Am “bikes” around and new touring and sport models.  Cheryl thinks my father should get one of these.  I guess  implying they are good for “older” folks?  😉

Harley had their as always over the top display which is always cool to see.  Those Harley guys really have their show act together and a ton of riders wearing their clothes hanging out talking shop.  HD’s are such nice looking bikes but just not for me.  For those who do not know this about us we owned 2 HD bikes for about 4 months.  Impulse buys and just one I sort of regret because of the cost associated with the purchase.  You live and learn and sometimes it hurts the wallet a bit.

Many classic bikes which are always cool to look at how far bikes have come over the years.  Oh, come to think of it Enfield was not even at the show this year.

Of course we had to take a picture of the good old RCMP traffic cop and bike.  Cheryl knows this Constable and said he will ride all the time and also is a greatly skilled rider himself.

While at the MotoOverland booth, Dave the owner makes great accessories for BMW bikes and other models we met Alberto & Naomi who rode from Salt Spring Island to Ushuaia, Argentina on BMW F800GS bikes last year.  Nice guys and really great to chat about their ride.  Impressive trip they took. Here is the link to their BLOG…well done guys!


All the usual suspects were there like Twisted Throttle, Touratech and the one booth I always love the glass cleaner guys.  Guarantee to keep your sunglasses or glasses clean for ever if you only buy this million dollar bottle of glass cleaner.  😉

The Honda Shadow is looking good for the price in the new matte black.

That was about it. Fun meeting other ADV riders, people who followed our trip and just talking about bikes in general but not impressed that it seemed many of the big players outside BMW did not show their new models at our show.  Disappointing especially Triumph not bringing their HUGE new bike the 1200 Explorer.  Oh well, will have to wait to see it at Pacific Motosports in the Spring.

The NEW Honda NC700


  1. Dave says:

    Nice write up for those of us that won’t be able to make it to one of the shows this year.

  2. Brian Milthorp says:

    I saw John Collett’s “Slippery Sam” replica in the background of the vintage display, a very nice bike. Nice to see that Twisted Throttle is using a Venom Yellow Tiger for their display model, way cool. Considering the road conditions in the Cariboo, I chose caution and stayed home this year but hope to catch next year’s show. Thanks for posting.

  3. David Burgis says:

    There looked some cool bikes on display, BMW put on a cool display in Toronto looked good in BC as well. We had all the new Triumphs in TO surprised they were not there in BC ! did you see any Kawasaki,s as there were none in here some dispute with the show organizer,s !! I was told.
    I was impressed with the Twisted Throttle bike all decked out, the classic bikes are neat as well, you had a picture of a older Honda CB72 250cc that was my first bike on the road, great to here you were recognized bye other riders at the show for all the hard work you two did on your trip and your blog..

  4. bob says:

    Hmmm, there was a Triumph1200 Explorer there on Friday complete with a sticker on the windshield that listed the wet weight at 538 lbs

    • advgrrls says:

      yeah so we have been told..not sure how we missed the display of the 1200 but I guess we did. Maybe we were distracted and just walked right on by the Triumph bikes…not on purpose but I tell you I was looking. Kind of embarrassing to think we must have walked right passed those bikes. Thanks for the heads up.

  5. Dave says:

    Hey Advgrrls!

    Great to see you two at the show and too bad we didn’t get to really talk! I didn’t even get a chance to show you the prototypes of the new Giant Loop 60L waterproof panniers. As you’ve already heard the Triumph Explorer was there and so was the Tiger 800. We had a proto Tiger 800 Top Rack we were showing too. Yes too bad no bigger KTMs. Great blog btw!

    • advgrrls says:

      We got caught up with Naomi and Alberto…thanks for introducing us…you were busy in any case and yeah I CAN NOT believe we must have walked right by the Triumph bikes…we saw a little display that Pacific Motosports had and thought that was it…freaking idiots we are….nice to see you too.

      BTW….got a new job working out of Cambie and 12th for the next few months. Oh and I buggered up my left knee…probably another torn meniscus and then some. Had the surgery on my right knee last February and now this..I am not a happy camper now.

  6. Dave says:

    Sorry to hear that about your knee!! ):

    Your welcome for introducing you all. It was perfect timing as they had just gotten there. Funny thing about introducing you and the Advr community as that’s BCDano from Advr in that pic with me too…lol.
    Triumph was between Harley and Honda but there wasn’t much in the way of big signs or logo’s that I can remember.

    • advgrrls says:

      Cheryl just said she saw the Triumphs and for the life of me and we walked over in the HD section twice I do not remember seeing the Triumph bikes…I wonder if I am subconsciously blocking them out….LOL

  7. It was great to meet you both at the Motorcycle Show!
    Your website is cool and we’re surprised how fast you posted about the bike show… wow!

    Funny how you guys missed the new Triumph Explorer! it’s a GREAT looking bike but with a couple of things we didn’t like: the 4-way flashers button is placed far from the handlebar grips, the ignition key was also way forward and low in the ‘cockpit’ and the non-wired wheels (spokes)

    BTW thanks Dave for introducing us!!

    Keep in touch 🙂
    Naomi & Alberto.

    • advgrrls says:

      I got this blogging down to a science now. Preparing for our next trip to make sure I can do my homework faster after a days ride. 😉 I added your blog link to this post and will add it to our Blog Roll too.

      The ignition being so low is something we noticed on the Tigers when we had them. Believe it or not you get used to it being there, The are pros and cons with the way Triumph has set up their ADV bikes but in time like anything else those little pet peeve issues I bet will evolve. Thanks for stopping by and we hope you have a chance to check out the rest of the blog. The Triumph trip was from June 29th – Aug. 11th 2011 just fyi. Hope to have coffee with you guys some day when you are back on the mainland or we over your way. L

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