2012 KTM 990 Adventure

**Yesterday I posted the 690 Enduro R and got a few comments on our Facebook page but not here.  Any comments on this as the ultimate ADV machine to ride around Iceland??  Over kill?  Does anyone think this would be a better choice for a place like Iceland?**

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2012 KTM 990 Adventure


Launching the Adventure series, in 2003 KTM presented its vision of a modern, long-distance dualsport motorcycle. Balking neither at tough terrain nor quick flicks through the twisties nor even at extended desert exploration thanks to its genuine rally DNA, the Adventure series has since been continuously enhanced.

A rigid trellis frame, fully adjustable, longstroke WP suspension and a powerful braking system prove their value on any short trip as well as on the longest of journeys. A standard, two-channel Bosch ABS sets new safety standards with its sensitive brake control.

Ambitious off-road riders also welcome the option of disengaging it as needed. At 115 hp and 100 Nm of torque, the dynamic, 75° V-twin now has even more power to eat up the miles, also with a pillion. The powerful engine, the low weight and the fantastic
agility make the Adventure a truly great ride.

The comprehensive, sensible equipment includes a practical storage compartment, an immobilizer, hazard warning lights and a 12 V accessory socket.

2012 KTM 990 Adventure Features and Benefits

– Powerful LC8 4-stroke V-Twin, electronic fuel injection, balancer shaft, hydraulic multi-disc wet clutch, 6-speed gearbox

– Increased power: 85 kW/115 hp, max.torque 100 Nm, emissions: Euro 3

– ABS (can be disengaged)

– Orange trellis frame, load-bearing engine

– Fully adjustable WP suspension front and rear

– Swingarm, rear subframe, footrest mountings, callipers and other components coated black

– Integrated multi-functional cockpit

– New 2K Handguards

– Lockable storage compartment between the tanks

– Immobilizer and hazard warning lights

– 12 V accessory socket

– A ttractive new graphics and colours


2012 KTM 990 Adventure – International Specifications/Technical Details
MSRP Price: See KTM dealer for pricing.



2-cylinder, 4-stroke, V 75°
999 cc, 101/62.4 mm
85 kW (115 hp) @ 8750 rpm
100 Nm @ 6750 rpm
Electric starter/12V 11.2Ah
6 gears
Keihin Electronic fuel injection
Pressure lubrication
Motorex, SAE 10W-50
Liquid cooling
Wet multi-disc clutch, hydraulically operated
Keihin EMS

Chromium-Molybdenum trellis frame, powder-coated
Aluminium, tapered, Ø 28/22 mm
WP-USD Ø 48 mm
WP-PDS shock absorber with hydraulic spring pre-load
210/210 mm
2 x Brembo two piston, floating caliper, floating brake disc Ø 300mm
Brembo two piston, floating caliper, floating brake disc Ø 240 mm
Bosch two channel ABS
2.15 x 21”; 4.25 x 18”
90/90-21”; 150/70 R 18″
X-Ring 5/8 x 5/16″
Twin stainless steel silencer with regulated catalytic converter
119 mm
1,570 ± 10 mm
261 mm
860 mm
approx. 19.5 litres/4 litres reserve
approx. 209,5 kg (without fuel)

2012 KTM 990 Adventure – American Specifications/Technical Details
US MSRP Price: See KTM dealer for pricing and availability

To be annouced. See International Specifications.

2012 KTM 990 Adventure – Canada Specifications/Technical Details
Canadian MSRP Price: See KTM dealer for pricing and availability

To be annouced. See International Specifications.

Author: advgrrl

Avid ADV rider! This Blog is all about the adventure in adventure riding. Researching new bikes, routes, accessories, learning about other riders and hopefully a great place for others to comment and explore with me. PLUS, up and down's, wildlife, my dogs, my life!

16 thoughts on “2012 KTM 990 Adventure”

  1. Your formatting has gone wonky- none of the data is beside its category, everything is one long list of text.

    Re the bike- I like it much more for the task than the 690 from yesterday- that 12 litre tank might be good enough for booting around at the farm, but for an Iceland trip? Doubtful!

    1. thanks for the heads up about the format…got rid of the categories, for some reason I can not make it work…regarding the 690 it would be a no brainer to bring along 2 extra gallons like we did with the Triumph bikes we used summer 2011. I got a message from an Iceland viewer saying in the summer there are plenty of gas stations open and said range for the 690 would not be an issue.

    1. At work right now but if you check out some of the best pics from our Trip you will see 2 rotopak containers on each bike. We started out with them strapped to the top of the panniers with rok straps but then moved them to under our dry bag on the seat and strapped them down along witht he dry bag. Better set up.

  2. I have never ridden a KTM and know almost nothing of Iceland, so I am completely unqualified to have an opinion on this topic. But since you were foolish enough to openly solicit replies, I’m going to have one, LOL.
    The 690 would handle really ruff terrain better, but does not lend itself to heavy loading for multi-day camping trips. If you’ll need to carry extra fuel it will take up valuable payload space. Is that narrow seat going to be an issue by the end of the second day?

    By all accounts when the 990 is work well it works really well, and in the right hands can go anywhere. Ease of maintenance issues should not come into play. Although tire changing is said to be very difficult due to a large rim lock and narrow rim trough.

    Both bikes are tall. I dropped my KLR many times because I stopped on an uneven surface only to find my feet wouldn’t reach the ground, (uh, Uh, UH, boom). The 690 would be easier to pick up.

    You two aren’t noobs to the big ADV bikes, so the 990 would probably be comfortable for you. If your trip won’t require a large payload or long range the 690 would be really fun.

  3. I agree with Don. First thing I thought when you started posting the KTM is how tall they are. I know this is a bit of a characteristic with these types of bikes but with the KTMs it just seems more so. Fine for me as I am long and lanky…but…

    Bah…just get a KLR;) Simple, cheap, reliable, plenty of dealerships!!

    1. they have lowered the big ADV bikes stance. Sat on a Dakar version of the 990 and I could fit on it like I did on the Triumph 800XC. Not thinking about purchasing one of these bikes maybe renting or something else. 😉

  4. Has the KTM been updated to include a fuel gauge, or distance to empty info? Been a while since I’ve looked at them but thought this should be a standard item. Really like the demo I tried from @holeshot. Definitely more single track ability then the GS in my opinion.

  5. Re the Rotopax, having them under the dry bag looks like a safer set up as far as potential impact goes. Are those the 2 gallon ones?

      1. Last question, I promise 🙂 Did you ever have to use them, or did they turn out to be more of a peace of mind thing on your trip?

  6. Kevin no problems with questions, keep them coming. YES, we had to use them in Alaska and the Yukon for sure. You can not rely on gas stations up there to even have gas if you find one in a remote area. We saw a few Out of Gas signs. Also, we rode on roads where gas stations were out of range of the bikes. So, yep, piece of mind at times but necessary quite a few times. Also, even if you do not use the extra gas yourself, nice to have it to offer a fellow rider if you find one on the side of a road on empty. 😉

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