2012 Zero Motorcycles Lineup Enters Production

Does anyone own one of these?  What do you all think about the electric bike?
27/01/2012 | By: Dennis Chung

Zero Motorcycles recently celebrated the start of production for its 2012 model lineup, including the first electric motorcycles to claim a range over 100 miles.

The first 2012 Zero model off the line was the Zero DS dual sport, available with a 6 or 9 kWh Z-Force powerpack. The 9 kWh version claims a range of 112 miles by measure of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Urban Dynamometer Driving Schedule (UDDS) testing.

Zero also claims a range of 62 km when traveling at a highway speed of 70 mph. The 6 kWh version claims a range of 76 mils by the UDDS standard, and 42 miles at highway speed. Zero also claims a top speed of 80 mph for the 2012 DS. The street-oriented 2012 Zero S offers slightly better range, claiming 114 miles for the 9 kWh pack and 76 miles for the 6 kWh version (63 miles/43 miles at 70 mph).

The 2012 streetbike lineup also includes the Zero XU which claims a light weight of 221 pounds and a low 31.5 inch seat height. The XU also features a removable power pack, so riders won’t need to worry about having to park near a charging station. With a 3 kWh powerpack, the XU has a shorter range than the S and DS, claiming a range of 42 miles (28 at highway speeds). The three streetbike models make use of regenerative braking to charge the powerpack, and use low-maintenance belt drives.

Joining the three street models are Zero’s two off-road models, the Zero X and the Zero MX. Both feature removable powerpacks. The MX is the lighter of the two (200 pounds claimed), and promises a 45-90 minutes of motocross-style riding or 60-120 minutes of trail riding. The Zero X also claims to be sufficient for 60-120 minutes of trail riding, and is street legal, claiming a range of 38 miles by the UDDS standard.

[Source: Zero Motorcycles]

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  1. Howard Millichap (blacktiger) says:

    These will be great when they’re capable of riding from civilisation across the Yukon. Until then….no thanks.

  2. Don Plummer says:

    My daily commute is about 54 miles. A minimum speed of 75mph is required just to keep up with traffic. And that’s in summer. Drop the temperature into the teens or lower fahrenheit add heated jacket liner and gloves.
    If they could get more range, if they had more speed, if they could drop the price to $5 or $6k.

    If grandma had wheels she’d be a wagon.

    I really like the idea of electric bikes, and I bet they’re REALLY fun to ride. I would love to rent one for a couple runs on the dragon’s tail or a day of mixed road riding, but it’s just to impractical and expensive for me to own.

  3. James Arnett says:

    These bikes do interest me, not as an only bike and still too much money, but electric bikes have advanced quite a bit in just a few years, so who knows in another 5 to 10 years.

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