25 Beautifully Illustrated Thought-Provoking Questions

Since I have embarked in to a new career after 13 years working as a Clinical Social Worker in an Intensive Care Unit, I am forced to think about things other than motorcycles.  My new career, Organ Donation Coordinator in a hospital makes me question so many things in my life.  It is scary to go from a job where I was unconsciously competent to a job that I am consciously incompetent.  Well, that is how I feel at the moment and can only hope one day I will feel competent.  In any case, the questions below, although can be considered a bit corny are really thought-provoking.  My brain does at times feel like it is going to burst with all the new information I am taking in….with all the learning I need to do but after this trip to Toronto I am feeling a little more confident I made the right decision to take this job. 

We are interested to hear answers to some of the questions….please feel free to post any comments and let us all know how folks would answer these.  😉  Thanks.

Posted by on Sept 8, 20

A question that makes you think is worth asking…

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