Buyer’s guide for BMW

BMW makes “sexy” looking bikes…from a grrls perspective  😉 Click on the pics!

2012 Bikes

A twin-cylinder maxi-scooter with “flexible” underseat storage.

A travel-friendly maxi-scooter equipped with a twin-cylinder engine and ABS.

A mid-size standard-style streetbike.

A middleweight adventure-touring bike powered by a torquey parallel-Twin.

A liquid-cooled, twin-cylinder, naked middleweight sportbike.

A mid-size sport-touring bike with a 798cc parallel-Twin engine.

BMW’s least-expensive adventure-style model is powered by a single-cylinder engine.

A single-cylinder, very affordable adventure-tourer with long-travel suspension for better control off-road.

A big, fast four-cylinder sportbike equipped with shaft drive and many available options.

A six-cylinder sport-tourer with many standard features and ride-enhancing options.

An über-luxurious touring motorcycle powered by a 1649cc six-cylinder engine.

A go-anywhere, ride-over-anything, industrial-grade Boxer-engined adventure bike.

A terrific twin-cylinder streetbike that can also hold its own off-road.

A standard-style BMW model with terrific power and a long list of optional accessories.

A comfortable touring bike powered by a twin-cylinder Boxer engine and equipped with detachable saddlebags.

An extremely powerful four-cylinder sportbike equipped with many high-tech electronic features.

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