Buyer’s guide for KTM

I LOVE dirt bikes and KTM sure makes nice ones! Click on the pics!

2012 Bikes

A two-stroke motocross racebike for the Lites class, available with either a 144cc or 124cc engine.

A two-stroke off-road racebike with a 144cc engine.

A 200cc two-stroke enduro/cross-country dirtbike.

A 250cc two-stroke motocross racebike.

A 250cc four-stroke Motocross Lites-class racebike.

A quarter-liter racebike that is as competent off-road as it is on an MX track.

A 250cc four-stroke enduro/cross-country dirtbike with a wide-ratio gearbox.

A lightweight two-stroke off-road bike offered in a 300cc and 250cc displacements.

A mid-sized, street-legal enduro powered by a fuel-injected, 350cc engine.

A 350cc championship-winning motocross racer.

A competition-ready four-stroke enduro racebike.

A 450cc four-stroke motocross/Supercross racebike.

2012 KTM 50 SX/50 SX MiniA 50cc mini-MX racebike available in two different levels of engine tune and suspension travel.

A street-legal, competition-ready dual-purpose enduro bike.

A dedicated off-road enduro bike available in either 450cc or 510cc engine sizes.

A 690cc single-cylinder dual-sport bike that is equally adept on and off the road.

A youth-oriented two-stroke motocross racer in 85cc or 65cc displacements.

A heavyweight, Open-class adventure bike that can go almost anywhere.

An upright semi-naked 1000cc Twin with amenities for light touring.

An Austrian-made 1200cc V-Twin superbike.


  1. David Burgis says:

    I got to say that KTM builds a quality line of motor cycles and the only manufacturer to take on the big 4 Japanese company’s and compete with them, I never owned one but my friends dad owned a KTM shop and I got to ride 125cc- 250cc and 500cc two Strokes in the mid 90,s they all worked great.Out of all the 500,s I raced the KTM 500 was the fastest bike I had ever ridden, KTM,s are built of quality parts like rims,bars,anodized swing arms, chains and sprockets descent graphics that last unlike Jap 1 lap stuff. They started out winning world championships and are still doing it today.

    • advgrrls says:

      Something about the KTM bikes scream DIRT…I need to really test ride one some day…might have to tap into a friend of mine who works at a dealer who sells these bikes and inquire if he has a used one I can take out on the trails.

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