Buyer’s guide for KTM

I LOVE dirt bikes and KTM sure makes nice ones! Click on the pics!

2012 Bikes

A two-stroke motocross racebike for the Lites class, available with either a 144cc or 124cc engine.

A two-stroke off-road racebike with a 144cc engine.

A 200cc two-stroke enduro/cross-country dirtbike.

A 250cc two-stroke motocross racebike.

A 250cc four-stroke Motocross Lites-class racebike.

A quarter-liter racebike that is as competent off-road as it is on an MX track.

A 250cc four-stroke enduro/cross-country dirtbike with a wide-ratio gearbox.

A lightweight two-stroke off-road bike offered in a 300cc and 250cc displacements.

A mid-sized, street-legal enduro powered by a fuel-injected, 350cc engine.

A 350cc championship-winning motocross racer.

A competition-ready four-stroke enduro racebike.

A 450cc four-stroke motocross/Supercross racebike.

2012 KTM 50 SX/50 SX MiniA 50cc mini-MX racebike available in two different levels of engine tune and suspension travel.

A street-legal, competition-ready dual-purpose enduro bike.

A dedicated off-road enduro bike available in either 450cc or 510cc engine sizes.

A 690cc single-cylinder dual-sport bike that is equally adept on and off the road.

A youth-oriented two-stroke motocross racer in 85cc or 65cc displacements.

A heavyweight, Open-class adventure bike that can go almost anywhere.

An upright semi-naked 1000cc Twin with amenities for light touring.

An Austrian-made 1200cc V-Twin superbike.

Author: advgrrl

Avid ADV rider! This Blog is all about the adventure in adventure riding. Researching new bikes, routes, accessories, learning about other riders and hopefully a great place for others to comment and explore with me. PLUS, up and down's, wildlife, my dogs, my life!

2 thoughts on “Buyer’s guide for KTM”

  1. I got to say that KTM builds a quality line of motor cycles and the only manufacturer to take on the big 4 Japanese company’s and compete with them, I never owned one but my friends dad owned a KTM shop and I got to ride 125cc- 250cc and 500cc two Strokes in the mid 90,s they all worked great.Out of all the 500,s I raced the KTM 500 was the fastest bike I had ever ridden, KTM,s are built of quality parts like rims,bars,anodized swing arms, chains and sprockets descent graphics that last unlike Jap 1 lap stuff. They started out winning world championships and are still doing it today.

    1. Something about the KTM bikes scream DIRT…I need to really test ride one some day…might have to tap into a friend of mine who works at a dealer who sells these bikes and inquire if he has a used one I can take out on the trails.

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