The Reality Behind TRUST // Klim

We wear KLIM.  WHY?  Watch this video and everything they claim so far we have found to be true.  One thing the video forgot to say is how great their customer service is, how great the warranty is on their gear and how great their gear lasts.  Waterproofness and durability are two things we were looking for when shopping around.  We spent a lot of money on less expensive gear trying to find our way. 

I wish someone would have pointed us into the KLIM direction from the beginning…we would have found a way to save our money.  The Traverse suit, the one we wear right now is not completely off the charts $$ wise but their Latitude, Badlands and Rally suits get up there in price.  Worth it?  depends if you need your gear to be convenient when it comes to waterproofing and breath-ability. If you like your own layering choice as we do KLIM is for you.

We are not paid by KLIM to say such good things nor do they give us gear for free….we just love their stuff and want to share with those who might be in the market.  Save your money we say…try KLIM and you might be pleasantly surprised. We hope to one day either get the new Latitude or Badlands suits.  Have to save our pennies or loonies for that matter.  😉 One thing needs to be highlighted too about KLIM.  The gear is made for thin base layering.  No bulk. 

We use our Gerbings liner all the time as a layer Heat on, heat off.  No more bulky layering, hard to do shoulder checks etc.  I feel not only does this gear protect you but it’s safer than bulking up with other brands to try and stay warm and dry.  WE love the outside shell H20 proofing…never have to stop when the weather turns!

With more products available than ever before, at KLIM, we continue to grow! We look forward to providing our dealers, athletes and customers with the most advanced riding gear possible. To build the best riding gear in the world, KLIM focuses on eight key areas of product development and performance:

• Waterproofness
• Breathability
• Mobility
• Fit
• Protection
• Durability
• Functionality
• Proper Gear Care

For more info about KLIM Technical Riding Gear, please visit:

Author: advgrrl

Avid ADV rider! This Blog is all about the adventure in adventure riding. Researching new bikes, routes, accessories, learning about other riders and hopefully a great place for others to comment and explore with me. PLUS, up and down's, wildlife, my dogs, my life!

4 thoughts on “The Reality Behind TRUST // Klim”

  1. It was funny..when I got back into riding my friend joked on how much I would spend trying gear till I find the right stuff:)

    Just recently decided to go with Motoport stretch Kevlar gear as I am a sport tourer(only synthetic gear track approved) but Klim would have been a serious contender if I was going to do some off roading. Waiting now the 2 weeks(short wait for motoport) to have my gear custom made and it’s a long wait for me!!

    The guarantee and customer service means a lot to me and both seem to really have it. Nice to hear reviews from people who use the gear also…thanks!

  2. I would love to be a Klim customer as I have heard nothing but good things about their build quality, functionality, and value.

    Here is the deal-breaker for me – conspicuity – their gear tends to be grey or dark which sort of blends into the road color. One of our safety strategies is to “been seen” – a real head scratcher as to why Klim does not offer hi-vis options in their otherwise high-end gear.

    For motorcycles, conspicuity is more or less the act of being noticed. Bikes tend to get hit from the front by cars turning directly into them. This is generally because the driver of the murder vehicle “didn’t see” the rider. Likewise, many other collisions are blamed on drivers not seeing a motorcycle. So beyond defensive driving skills, there are a few things you can to to help you get noticed and possibly eliminate the occurrence of a potential fatal collision (

    Klim – if you are listening – make a Badlands Pro jacket that resembles my hi-vis yellow Kilimanjaro jacket, and you’ll have two more customers…

    My humble 2 cents…

    1. you can add a $20 hi-viz vest if one feels it is necessary…but don’t under estimate the appearance of no hi-viz colouring. Just because their gear is not yellow..they use high quality 3M reflective tape in key areas on all their gear. The new Latitude and Badlands especially has tons of reflective tape…a little too much to be honest. Also, their silver colour is known to also have hi-viz for cagers to see. I am a firm believer in being seen, but I do not feel just being in yellow or green makes you more visable. Silver helmets are also proven to get attention. Just another side…In any case that is what’s so great…so many choices. We just prefer KLIM right now because of the 100% outer shell waterproofing and high quality material, and one of the most important factors for us comfort.

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