2012 Critical Care Conference – Whistler, BC

February 22nd, 2012 (ALL PICS ARE CLICK-ABLE)

My continuing story and journey training to learn the part of an organ Donation Specialist which in turn I also will learn to be an In Hospital Organ Donation Coordinator.  Part of the training is networking, traveling to shadow other coordinators and meet colleagues in the industry.  I know tough life but it’s not as easy as it looks. The below video I just think is so appropriate in more ways than one.

Getting used to the on-call schedule, interrupted plans and long hours are all part of the deal.  I think what makes those who go into the organ donation field are the tragedies that require people like me to go into work.  We meet families experiencing the worst time of their lives.  Often the sudden loss of a loved one.  These generous families support organ donation even at the loss of someone who meant a lot to them so others who are facing death can have another chance.  I think that is it in a nut shell….we get to see the good in people, the selfless acts that allow others to live out of their own heart aches.  Amazing to be a part of that gift of life.  I keep that in mind when the page comes in to wake up and get to work without knowing how long it will be until the case is over.  I am now entering a regular call schedule with a preceptor (mentor) and that is about the only thing that is guaranteed….being on call, trying to remember everything I need to do and listen and learn from my preceptor. 

If you are reading this post, remember one thing….talk about the what ifs….tell someone you care about what your wishes would be if something sudden happened to you and you were going to die.  Do you want to be a donor?  Why not register your wishes?  Or, if that scares you or just don’t feel like it, have a chat and let someone know what you would say at that time.  Can’t hurt to have the discussion before it is too late.  Organ donation saves lives everyday and is the easiest way to “pay it forward” if you meet that criteria.


A bunch of us from work made a brief visit to the annual Critical Care Conference in Whistler, BC but it ended abruptly as most of us had to return to Vancouver for unexpected work.  The nature of being involved with organ donation, we never know when we will be needed.  Although BC Transplant (BCTS) did not present this year at the conference we were one of the sponsors and had a table loaded with information for healthcare providers. 

The gang
Pay it Forward I say!

Our reception was warm and inviting.  So many good questions about the process and how medical professionals can raise awareness in their own communities and among their colleagues. 

Cypress Mountain and Ski area

We have a lot to do when it comes to continuing education regarding organ donation not only for the public but for the medical field as well.  Not a criticism just an observation I have made.  I also know first hand how much I have learned in just over 1 month working for BCTS and I am looking forward to communicating and sharing what new knowledge I have gained with others.  The process from the time someone is declared brain-dead or a possible organ donor to the actual transplantation of the retrieved organs to a recipient is long, technical and rewarding once complete.

Although we did not get the chance to enjoy the activities that Whistler is famous for we did manage do some networking.  So, great over night trip and just as quickly as we got up there we were back in Vancouver the very next day.  Whistler is only about 2 hours or less from Vancouver.  On our way up though there was a very serious and fatal car accident that closed highway 99 for many hours.  While we could not get through to Whistler we hung out in a place called Horseshoe Bay.  This is also where you can board some of the BC Ferries that take you to Vancouver Island and other Gulf Islands off the coast.

Horseshoe Bay Village, Howe Sound, BC
BC Ferry

If anyone has questions please feel free to post them in the comments!  Thanks!  To be Continued!

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