250,000 HITS! Another Big Thank You!

(I will fix screen shots of the specific country lists when I get home from work tonight.)

Sometime over night we hit 250,000 on our BLOG.  Such an awesome response to something that started out so spontaneous because of our partnership with Triumph last summer.  Over the 9 months we have learned so much from all the comments, the maps we keep to see where you are all from and much about social media and blogging.  Still have so much to learn but I tell you it’s been so much fun researching and posting what we hope are interesting and at times different topics.

We have to be honest some of the countries visiting this site we have never heard of but thanks to the next few pics I will be posting we are also getting a great lesson in geography. Is your country listed?

Once again Cheryl and I would really like to thank all of you in help making this little blog such a success and we will continue to try to keep it real and fresh!  Hope everyone comes back, comments once in a while and as always feedback is welcomed!  Take a look at the world below as we see it!

The world Since Dec 22 2011




Russia, Asia, and more


If you click on some of the pics below you might even see your city listed! 


  1. James Arnett says:

    Wow, it is amazing looking at the maps and realizing that you girls can bring people from all over the world together in such a positive and interesting way. I may be showing my age a bit, but it truly is amazing to me that this is possible from a person’s home.
    I also believe that this type of communication helps people from all over understand each other in positive ways. Because I don’t believe our Governments or News Medias do a very good job of it.
    Thanks for taking the time and effort.

    • advgrrls says:

      the map really shows how much area is beng covered and to our surprise for sure. The ADV world is much closer than we think….we love that part. No matter what language or where you are from for some reason riding and other stuff brings everyone together. Great spirit!

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