Are you going to Alaska this summer?

Map of Alaska

Map of Alaska


If you are planning a trip feel free to use this post to ask any questions about traveling through Alberta, BC, Yukon and Alaska.  It’s about that time of year many of you are in that planning phase and if we can be any help feel free to ask away! 


2011 Adventure Motorcycle of the Year

2011 Expedition Portal Overland Awards

Looking forward to see what the awards will look like for 2012 with the Triumph Tiger Explorer being in the game now.  As for the Triumph Tiger first runner up….we said when were riding this bike last summer 2011 that the Tiger 800 should be compared to the 1200.  Interesting that the 800 is here in the same context.  Also, they mention that there is a low RPM stall issue with the Tiger…we had that but thought the recall back in August 2011 took care of that…if anyone is reading this and rides the Tiger 8oo are you still stalling?  It sure sucked stalling for our entire trip but if it is still happening with owners out there we would like to hear about it.

Thursday, 01 March 2012 Scott Brady

Overland motorcycles are one of the only growing markets in the motorcycle industry. The reason for this is best compared to the popularity of SUVs, where a single vehicle can serve many purposes. Much like the SUV, the adventure motorcycle market is beginning to fracture and segment, some bikes serving more as highway cruisers than anything worthy of the Road of Bones. For the team at Expedition Portal, we like to use the following list for minimum requirements of an adventure motorcycle:

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