MXTV Exclusive BMW G650 GS Sertao Launch and Ride

There is something about this single that we both really like.


We were lucky enough to tag along recently for the launch of BMW’s new G650 GS Sertao, then head out for a ride through some of Australia’s most testing conditions. Tagging along were none other than Marco Melandri, BMW Motorad Team Director Bernhard Gobmeier and Aussie SBK champ Glenn Allerton

Cool video just showing how much fun this bike is out in Australia!


  1. David Burgis says:

    Looks a nice all around machine nimble and not to over powering, reasonable weight 426lbs wet, hope to try one if I get the chance I only got to sit on one at the Toronto show..

  2. RichardM says:

    Nice video. I really like the 650 singles and there have been many times I thought about picking up one of these.

  3. advgrrls says:

    nimble that is the part we like…BMW did a nice job for sure reinventing the wheel.

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