Beautiful BC and the Dual Sport BC Spring Newbie Ride

March 25th 2012

The morning started off heading out to Chilliwack at 0700.  About 1 degree Celsius but look at what I see all the way out to the staging area for the Annual Dual Sport BC Newbie Ride.  SUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It has been so wet and miserable here when I saw the sunrise it was meant to be a good day.  Cheryl did not come with me because she has not been sleeping well and I am glad she did not come.  This ride was not for sleepy riders.  There are a few short videos in this post…hope you watch them to get a flavor of the day and all pics are click-able!

Heading East through Mission, BC to get to Highway 1 for the fast way out to Chilliwack.  About an hour from where we live.

Mar 25 12 Newbie 001

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There is nothing like knowing the owner of a company that makes some really top-notch accessories for ADV bikes.  Dave from Motooverland aka MOD not only is a great rider himself that tests all of his gear but a really nice guy in general.  I rode with him all day at the Dual Sport BC Spring ride on Sunday, March 25th, 2012 and what a respectful leader of a group that was a big as 8 at one time.  Dave lives in Vancouver, BC and takes his time developing key items for bikes that make sense and lasts.  His skid plate, newly re-released tool box, side stand foot print and rear rack are perfect accessories for your bike.  Have a look at his website


and see for yourself.  If you have any questions  Dave is good to answer them and he ships all over the place.  See video!

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