196 Countries in the World

This is wicked….there are 196 countries in the world and 164 have visited our BLOG at least once.  We are so thankful so many places have taken a look at what is going on here and seem to come back too.  I feel like we once again need to thank everyone for making this BLOG so much fun! 

Do you see your country on this map?

The 15 Greatest Animal Photobombs of All Time

This reminds me of Harry Connick Jr.  He loves to photobomb pics!

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It’s a bold statement but these are the 15 greatest animal photobombs the Sifter could find around the web. Various list posts and Google image searches led us here. Further investigation on Tineye and Reddit allowed us to actually find the original source and authenticate over half of the images (there are a ton of Photoshopped animal photobombs online). We’d love your help identifying the original source of the other half :)

If you feel strongly about any glaring omissions let us know in the comments below! Now have a chuckle over these incredible animal photobombs!

15. Cat Photobombs Self-Portrait

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