Once again thanks Gary from AK for this great idea for a posting.  It’s that time of year when many of you will be heading up to Alaska for your own adventure.  This time last year we were planning our own Northern excursion.  So, we are envious of those who will be making this trip.  The Dalton Highway is a MUST ride and getting yourself to Deadhorse in one piece would be the goal.  😉  Here is a great web site which has all the information you will need to learn about the Dalton and it’s services or should I say lack of services.  Bring extra gas and enjoy this unpredictable yet beautiful highway!

I have also included some previous posts of ours that shows you where we stayed and a place where you can change your tires or oil!

Adventure Cycleworks


Dan the man

If anyone has questions about this road and what you might experience please feel free to post in the comments.


Author: advgrrl

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11 thoughts on “The Famous DALTON HIGHWAY!”

  1. Thanks for the links, plan to leave Ontario in mid June to make Dawson for the D2D and then parts beyond. Have set aside a month for the trip but being retired we can extend if needed. I like you trip map. If you had to do it again would you change be any parts?

    1. I would not change a thing and I would do our same exact route in reverse this summer if we could. Our route hit almost every road and major sight there is up there as well as the Yukon. Maybe if we had a little more time we would have explored the real off roads that the locals know about…but in any case…I loved our route…we covered more than I thought we would and it was just an awesome experience that I hope we will do again.

      I would imagine no matter how many time you go up there, depending on the time of your everything would look different. I would not ever get bored riding in Alaska to be honest.

  2. Leslie & Cheryl,

    I still love looking at your Dalton ride pics – truly in the middle of nowhere – an awesome ride.

    I would add that the above Bureau of Land Management link contains a link to a great Dalton Hwy map that can be enlarged and printed. It shows distances and services.

    The University of Alaska-Fairbanks dorms are a special privilege afforded to traveling motorcyclists – reasonably priced, clean, safe, good amenities – and a good “base” pre and post Dalton. Deb and I stayed there last summer and would highly recommend.

    1. Yep great wen site…just not handy to bring the book on the road…although there is an electronic version but we did not bring that either…read parts of the book and took a look at the web site too before we left.

  3. How much extra fuel did you require on the Tiger 800 XC for the the Dalton Hiway?
    I’m thinking about doing it in June and just want to be prepared. Also do you think the Anakee 3 would be ok for the Dalton? I just want to run one tire from Oregon and back.

    1. We had to add fuel about a little more than a gallon outside Deadhorse. To be honest when we road the Dalton only a super knobby would be your saving grace if its wet. The Heidenau K60’s were great and lasted the entire 15,000 KM’s. But when it got slick out there you just have to have faith in your bike and riding skills.

      1. That’s the problem I have too much faith in my riding skills … lol. I may end up doing this trip by myself and tent it mostly so I try to learn from those who have.
        If I understand you right a 2 gallon rotopax should be ok on the tiger or should I go for 3 ?
        Maybe now I’ll have to rethink it. I did consider the heidenau but being a 50/50 tire and this trip being 85 % hiway I thought an 80/20 tire might be a better choice. That’s how I came up with the anakee 3 choice.
        There is a couple other questions I would like to ask. Is there an email or another way I can contact you ? Thx John

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