Apehouse TV Where the Pavement Ends (Short Documentary)

This is WHAT ADV riding is all about….those who ride the pavement only…need to watch this more than folks like us!  😉


  1. Kathleen Manz says:

    Nice video. A lot of it looked like they could have been riding around Monterey, Ca. which is where I grew up. I saw a sign for Spreckels Blvd. made me wonder if they were riding through Salinas, Ca. Then the lady said she was from San Francisco… We’ve talked about riding around that area and having a surfing/motorcycle trip. Boogie boards will fit across our panniers, but we just can’t figure out what to do with the wet wetsuits when we are finished surfing/boogie boarding…details.

  2. Darryl says:

    Ive been on bikes since i was 10 or so. Started out on dirt bikes before i was old enough to get my licence. After 16 all i have ridden was pavement with many various street bikes. Now as i am 42 I am starting to look at going back to the dirt and picking up an old DP bike.. thanks for shareing this.

    Funds are very limited, and i would be looking for a bike from the 90’s. Would you or any of you fine followers have a recomendation for me?

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