What a cool sight this is….Free Cabin PORN No, it’s not porn but holy check out the cabins ranging from huts to glamour.  I actually spent sometime at the Greenleaf Hut in New Hampshire.  I used to work for the Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC) there is a great hut system up in the White Mountains […]

Watch OUT Costco

Don’t get too excited…I am trying to learn iMovie 11 as well as this new Mac.  We made the switch a week or so ago and I sux at editing no less learning iMovie which to me is way more advanced than Live Movie Maker on a PC.  This is just for fun and the […]


This video really needs to be on TV with a major network supporting this professionally done documentary.  Again for those who read this BLOG we are not only about our LOVE for bikes and adventure but Cheryl and I share a LOVE for wild life.  It’s 40+ mins long but stunning and informative.  Enjoy! The […]

A Long Commute // KLIM

I have never met Mark from KLIM but have had many email exchanges and have spoken to him over the phone.  NICE commute he has to work.  Maybe one day I can work for KLIM?  😉  Now compare Mark’s commute to mine… What’s it like for Mark to commute from Arizona to Idaho for work? […]

The USA’s 10 BEST Motorcycle Roads

Carla King Lonely Planet Author (Hoover your cursor over the Title’s there are links in some)

New Theme for OUR Blog, any thoughts?

Trying out a new theme for our Blog.  Still playing around with it but not sure I like it….any thoughts from those who have been around for almost an entire year?

The Norton Project

Thanks Jackie for this link! Last December 2011 Cheryl & I surprised my parents with a quick visit to NY for an after Christmas and my mother’s 75th birthday present.  That was a once in a lifetime even we believe.  Now, watch this very well done video where two son’s surprise their father by restoring […]


Happy …I am feeling so happy …I’m gonna go happy ….Can’t you see i´m happy now… Take a look at me now…     It’s all good, I’m good, nothing to see here…

GlobeBusters Promo Trailer HD

I know this is an advertisement for GlobeBusters but their Promo trailer is so good and really highlights why we all ADV ride.  It’s well done too…watch the whole thing there is a really cool part to this….

We are now over 304,516 views!

Over 172,000 Unique views since December 2011.  Just fantastic!  Thanks guys and gals!   TOP Countries!   United States (US) 133,484 Canada (CA) 23,307 United Kingdom (GB) 8,989 Australia (AU) 2,908 Germany (DE) 2,063 Mexico (MX) 1,913 Netherlands (NL) 1,514 Ireland (IE) 1,269 Italy (IT) 1,249 France (FR) 1,039

KTM Adventure 1290 Spotted in the Wild

Rumor has it….. 04/23/2012 @ 12:14 pm, by Jensen Beeler

Triumph Tiger 800 Jesse Luggage & more

Gave the Jesse luggage we used on our 2011 Alaska Summer Adventure a bath today.  Why? Because Al Jesse has one of his PR guys working with us to eventually sell these panniers and Al has kindly offered to donate the money raised to our charity ACT-Autism Community Training.  Below is ACT’s thanks back in […]

Rio for Real! Fly with a bird

WOW!!!!!!!!!! Amazing!  Thanks to Ellen B for this.

Rather be Riding

Beautiful day here in BC. Nicest day so far this Spring. While I would rather be riding this is what one does when on call for work. Cutting the lawn and gardening! Could be worse I guess! Hope you all are having a great day!

Suburbs to Sublime

I have been following this couple for years now and they are truly a couple of adventurers and pioneers! They are now riding two rebuilt BMW’s and are getting the recognition they deserve from the ADV world.  They both take awesome photos too! Apr 17, 2012 View Comments by Simon and Lisa Thomas With no […]