I have a post showing graphic pictures of a crash after a young man riding at a very high speed went head first into a truck.  I want to know if this post should be trashed or posted?  My reasoning for posting it is to talk about safety and the importance of being careful no matter what….the crash is from 2007, I have checked the sources and it appears to be legit. 

Before I consider posting the pics and article I wanted to know if this BLOG would want to see and read and learn…..any thoughts???????


  1. Kelsow says:

    I have seen it and certainly don’t need to see it again.

    My feeling is most people who come here are riders and as so we all know the risks involved.

    I don’t think it belongs here.

    That’s my .02c

  2. I doubt I would post it on my blog……, although sometimes a blunt message is what is required, sadly the people who probably do need to see this kind of thing are not reading or interested in blogs about safety.

  3. Kevin D says:

    I have nothing against posts on safety. Regardless of how experienced your readers are or how well they know the risks, if a post brings something new to the safety discussion, I say post it. That said, a crash from 2007 probably doesn’t, and graphic photos likely aren’t necessary to make the point any way.

    • advgrrls says:

      yep pics are not needed to get a safety point across…Cheryl said NO even before I posted this…just wanted to check the pulse of the folks who read this BLOG. Thanks!

  4. Anna says:

    I think I know which post/pictures you are referring to – it’s actually quite a few years old and completely fake (a cop friend of mine confirmed that and pointed out to me that it would actually look even more gruesome if the pics were real).
    And I also agree with Kelsow – we all know what we’re doing, no need for giving anybody nightmares about it.
    Glad you asked though, instead of just posting the pics.

  5. Doug Mullett says:

    I have seen graphic old footage of motor accidents (circa 1968) and seen enough real ones. That’s why I ride/drive as I do.

  6. patrice says:

    it’s up to the reader, especialy when you say graphic picture we know what to expect.

  7. patrice says:

    There is a video on youtube you should see
    “original videoof my harley accident vs. semi truck-ruben carril”
    Please be aware of motorcycle are around.
    It seem to me that people dont care about the new law “no cell phone or distractive driving” still on the phone, dog on the driver lap etc. WTF

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