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  1. Jonathan says:

    Question….I have a choice between two 2011 f650gs bikes. A lava organs with 2000 miles for $9500 from a private seller…includes side vario cases and hand guards and a metallic blue used being sold by a BMW dealer, 1700 miles for about $10800 and comes with crash bar around engine. Both bikes have ABS, heated hand grips, trip computer, etc. Which bike, color and seller, would you go with. I have test the orange one myself, yet to see the blue I person. Seller “appears” honest but has a lien and it has been difficult arranging a sell process with her and the lien issue. She now says five days later she will pay off the bike first. Anyways. I know that is an issue for me to decide, but do you think for about $1000 more better to buy from a dealer, and what about the color? Orange would give more visibility, but just not sure…personal preference, but could impact future resale too. Thanks!

    • advgrrls says:

      yep colour is a personal preference so can’t help you there. If the seller does not pay it off stay away from any bike with a lien that’s for sure. I would try and talk the dealer down about $500 if you can and see if they will throw in the 6000 KM? Mile? Service….ask about the warranty….3 years still? Not sure if you are paying for the bike out right but BMW should have decent financing too. Just my opinion. Let us know what you decide. Leslie

    • Jonathan says:

      Thanks….I would be buying it outright. The bike the dealer had actually had an asking price of $11295, but I got him down to $10800 over email thus far. Stil need to see the bike this Saturday or next and test ride it. He also told me he has a 2010 model with 4000 miles, top box, so no side cases, crash bar, and bike cover that is a Cosignment for about $9450, but it appears the crash bar has a niche on it. I also saw online that some 2010 bikes had a recall for the front fork I think. Both bikes still would come with what is left of their three year factory warranties, respectively.

      I did not think about asking about the next service but will, or perhaps adding fog lights. The dealer assured me both bikes would be have the current services done prior to being sold.

      Thanks for the feedback!

      • advgrrls says:

        Just remember a great set of crash bars will only run you about $350. Fog lights lights like Denali LED’s run about $200 for the square ones like we have. So, don’t be fooled by the accessories and the price. Why not buy brand new and add your own farkles? It’s fun kitting out your own bike. Again just a thought because a 2012 F650GS is around the same price minus the farkles on their used bikes.

  2. Jonathan says:

    Good point…those side vario cases with mounts though are about $1000 extra almost, unless you can recommend a different aftermarket saddle bags? The side cases are probably the most important option since I have to wear a suit and dress shoes to work….need something to transport them in while commuting. Thanks for giving me more things to consider…first bike purchase, though I have put about 100 miles on my buddy’s F650GS 2009

    • advgrrls says:

      yep side cases are $$ and if you like the Varios then perhaps the used bikes are a decent deal. Having said that buying a new one and making a deal like getting at least 15% of accessories you buy at the time of sale also is doable with any dealer. There are so many side cases out there…we like Jesse and the Zega Pro from Touratech but they are about $1000 more than the Vario. Look around especially on the ADV riders forum and you will learn and see all the great accessories out there.

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