Stay tuned for a KLIM Latitude Gore-Tex suit Review!

Cheryl and I both got black

More to come about this new suit by KLIM soon!


Author: advgrrl

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19 thoughts on “Stay tuned for a KLIM Latitude Gore-Tex suit Review!”

  1. So timely. Plan is to purchase same gear. Looking forward to your review. I was going to go for the grey. Last year on our fall trip the black seemed to attract a lot of heat.

    1. In person the grey looks more white to be honest. I was going to get the grey but just did not do to much for me on. I wish KLIM would use their Green more and a deeper grey…so we got two black.

  2. This is me drooling….;) love that shit. Let me know how the waterproofing works out. The Rally 2 Pro is a great suit but it would be nice not to strip down to put the gortex liner on…

    1. We own the KLIM Traverse and it is 100% H20 proof. There is no doubt in our minds this new Latitude is also H20 proof. KLIM stands by their Gore Tex lable and waterproofing is their #1 claim to fame that we also claim as well. I am going to try and get a decent review up this weekend. Like your drool 😉 One of the BIG +’s about this gear is no liners…up to you and NO stopping to put in a rain liner or rain suit on. LOVE THAT shit! LOL

  3. Looking forward for your review. I’ll use your experience and information before I decide what to buy. Thanks

  4. Super. Looking forward to it. Please comment when the time comes on the fit for in pant rise…no hip huggers for us now! How does the knee armor stay in place over the knee…no slipping to the side if one doesn’t have big, round knees. I was the one who has to put velcro straps around my leg at the knee to keep the armour in place in case of a fall. Did they make the thigh pocket first, on the left side and it easier to get into? Do the pant snaps stay snapped or is there hooks now? Rain gusset over pant zipper any higher?

  5. Hi. I am definitely looking forward to the timely review. Problem with suits is the fact that it is hardly possible to find ones that are tailored for female cuttings. The jacket will have longer torso cut as men has longer torso. The pants are typically not roomy enough on the butts as men have less full butts and typically the thighs will be tight..unless we go for a size up, then the length will be too much. Alterations is never easy for technical gears as the entire outfit serve purpose. But am very tempted with the H2O proof to avoid having to layer too much which can be uncomfortable during rides. So, yes…am definitely looking forward to an honest review from fellow female riders. Cheers Girls!

  6. Just bought these pants (grey) at a BMW Open House yesterday. Love the look but trying to get in them this morning was a “new” experience. I bought a size bigger than my reqular waist size for a little flexibility in what I wear underneath – these pants are cut slim.
    Not quite as easy as my Olympia pants, especially when I figured out that the boots go on last :\
    Hope it gets a little easier as the fabric “breaks in” and we’ll see how things work out in the SoCA summers.

      1. Just the pants and, so far, I’m a little “nonplussed” with them…they look great but feel more like hip-huggers. The jury’s still out on these.

  7. Hey in the pick above, the pants and jacket appear to be different colours. Is that just the flash?

  8. The Latitude & Badlands are top notch products. They have to wait a while since my Traverse suit isn’t worn out yet and does a great job as well. Looking forward to your comments.

  9. wore my Traverse pants for the first time in awhile yesterday and I have to admit I like the fit around the hips better than the Latitudes. Would love to see KLIM keep the Traverse cut with the Latitude Cordura and that would be comfy in my books.

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