BMW R1200GS rear tire change

Bill Dragoo with Adventure Rider Magazine shows us how to quickly change a rear tire of a 2008 BMW R1200GS motorcycle using trailside tools.


  1. Don Plummer says:

    He really made that look easy. I find mounting tires to be just a bit more difficult. A few years ago I bought the “Horizons Unlimited” tire mounting video. A great video that has saved me A LOT of money. Now I mount all the tires on my bikes as well as my brother’s KLR. It really isn’t all that hard and it’s a good thing to know if you often find yourself in places where you don’t even have cell phone signal.

    • advgrrls says:

      the Heidenau K60 tires are really hard to break the bead…tough carcuss as they say…so far we have nnot had to do trail tire maintenance other than plug the tire. I would love though to get a tire changer for our garage so we can easily switch our tires based on where we are riding the most

      • Don Plummer says:

        I just mounted the K60’s on my Strom and the K76’s on the Triumph as my summer tires. They are much stiffer than the TKC’s I stud for winter, but still only a little harder to get mounted.

  2. Steve Mooney says:

    Thank you I enjoyed this very much I need to brush up on my tire skills to say the least. Very interesting.

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