Fifty Years of Kicks – Motorcycle Documentary (full-length)

I LOVE this documentary….inspiring…this means we can ride for many years to come…such wisdom, such great guys such dedication!  We all should learn from this well done video!

By Motojournalism and Traction off-road E-rag. Documentary on riders Paul Rodden and Larry Murray two well heeled motorcyclists who just won’t stop doing what they love. More info and behind-the-scenes at
updates via twitter @motojournalism


  1. David Burgis says:

    Wow no stopping these guys wished I had there energy and I am yonger than them ! the Cordroy Enduro is a tuff event that lots of fellow riders I know ride every year and some top riders from the USA fatory teams come and ride Lets hope we are still enjoying are motor cycle riding when we are pensioner,s hopfully still in good shape.

  2. patrice says:

    be happy by douing what you love,
    this is probably what keep him healty, instead of been a couch potato,
    wow i wish i can ride like him

  3. Wonko the Sane says:

    Paul: “You can’t quit, get on with riding or get on with dying, one or the other.”

  4. Hey grrls, thanks for sharing the video! 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it.
    Speaking of why these guys are in shape, one of the things that didn’t make it into the video is the fact that Paul runs *marathons*… The guy is super-fit.
    I’ve NEVER seen Paul out of breath on a hard trail.

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