Sorry that the video is a bit dark and no zooms.  Cheryl is away and I promise our second impressions video will be better done.  Hope this video will provide you all with some useful info and isn’t too painful to watch.

UPDATE:  We sold both suits.  Just turned out they were not fir us, too stiff.

840D Cordura Shell = thick

Here is also a much better quality video made with a KLIM rep.  Gives you a better idea about all the features that I did not cover to compare.

Author: advgrrl

Avid ADV rider! This Blog is all about the adventure in adventure riding. Researching new bikes, routes, accessories, learning about other riders and hopefully a great place for others to comment and explore with me. PLUS, up and down's, wildlife, my dogs, my life!


  1. Thanks for this Soph.

    I may be in the market for a new jacket as my current one is a bit big on me.
    Do you find the pricing pretty much the same everywhere you look or do some places offer a better deal?

    How does the jacket perform in warm temps? Say anything warmer than 25°c

    Also. I’m guessing you made this video on your new apple product?
    It’s looking nice.

    1. yeah not much movement on prices we find but cheaper to buy in the States when it comes to our dollar. I think this jacket would be fine in the warmer months. Anything under 30 and over 30 well nothing feels good in HOT weather but you can open this jacket up a lot with the vents and two way zipper. I am sure it will be like our Traverse in the heat and that is tolerable. If it gets really hot we use ice in the jacket and soak our base layer with cold water. 😉 If you have a longish neck the collar ay not be such an issue for you.

  2. Thank you Leslie, you answered all the questions I had. So the issue seems to be that my 32 R Traverse pants need to be sold and replaced by the Latitude pants which are just a touch more fitted than the Traverse you say so I may not have to velcro the knees to keep the armor in place. A good thing for me is the left side hand thigh pocket. I put a fair bit of goodies in my cargo pocket and like to check manually that stuff is in there while I ride…say after a gas stop….habit I guess…. just checkin”, so a left sdie cargo pocket is better for me.
    So what did your dog say about it?????

  3. dogs love the suit but are not happy that I am not happy with the collar. LOL Glad the video could help. Did you watch the better video underneath mine? Shows more about the features that the jackets and pants have…

    1. Yup, I watched the KLIM video too. So did you two get lucky and find buyers for your Traverse suits? The cupboard can get kinda full and luckily Derek really doesn’t notice new apparel coming into the house and me wearing it. I think he’d whine if he knew. Generally I don’t get around to selling the first stuff. I should try Kijiji sometime. Tents are similar… too many and each an attempt at resolving a different challenge. One for motorcycle rallies, one for quick, one night setup, one for hiking meaning very light and compact, one for winter etc.

      1. Keeping our Traverse suits as back ups or if I can not get this collar thing under control the Traverse just might be my main suit again.

  4. Hi, getting back into bikes …at last… And have bought a 660 tenere. Live in the outback of australia, temps can get about 46 C and 25C in winter. Would these suit hot weather as well as other suits? Love the video, great to see a real review. Hey maybe a couple of velcro dots may help with the collar. Cheers and thanks

    1. I doubt you get a lot rain??? If you don’t I would go with a light er suit. Even the new Latitude Misano would seem to be over kill for you but it’s your choice. I think the lack of venting would make you feel over heated most days. KILIM has an air suit of some kind out now. More venting and might be better for your climate. We ended up selling our suits and are back to the Traverse. That would even be a better choice for yourself. Living where you do with temps like those you need protection and venting. The Latitude will protect you but not keep you cool without a cooling vest of something like that.

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