A Long Commute // KLIM

I have never met Mark from KLIM but have had many email exchanges and have spoken to him over the phone.  NICE commute he has to work.  Maybe one day I can work for KLIM?  😉  Now compare Mark’s commute to mine…

What’s it like for Mark to commute from Arizona to Idaho for work? Awe-some! Watch now.

For more information about KLIM, visit http://www.klim.com

We wear KLIM gear and can swear by it even it’s no perfect! 😉  But what is?????


  1. AlanI says:

    What a boring journey he has……..there’s no traffic trying to cut him up and put him in the ditch. Far too relaxing by half and I’ll wager that some days he actually falls asleep on that ride. 🙂

  2. advgrrls says:

    yep compared to mine his looks painful

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