Osprey — the ultimate fisher

Hey thanks Robert from MTR Sports for this video.  This shows how incredibly strong an Osprey is compared to how much they actually weigh.  They can carry so many fish at one time despite how exhausted they can become.  Osprey’s are also known as the Fish Hawk and in this video you can see why.  They LOVE their fish!


Sorry that the video is a bit dark and no zooms.  Cheryl is away and I promise our second impressions video will be better done.  Hope this video will provide you all with some useful info and isn’t too painful to watch.

UPDATE:  We sold both suits.  Just turned out they were not fir us, too stiff.

840D Cordura Shell = thick


White Tiger Cubs & Anjana the Chimp

When hurricane Hannah separated two white tigers from their mother, Anjana came to the Rescue. 
Anjana, a chimp at TIGERS in South Carolina , became surrogate mom and playmate to the cubs, even helping with bottle feeding.
But here’s the truly amazing part: This is something Anjana does all the time, having helped raised leopard and lion cubs on several occasions. Continue reading “White Tiger Cubs & Anjana the Chimp”

Fifty Years of Kicks – Motorcycle Documentary (full-length)

I LOVE this documentary….inspiring…this means we can ride for many years to come…such wisdom, such great guys such dedication!  We all should learn from this well done video!

By Motojournalism and Traction off-road E-rag. Documentary on riders Paul Rodden and Larry Murray two well heeled motorcyclists who just won’t stop doing what they love. More info and behind-the-scenes at motojournalism.com
updates via twitter @motojournalism

WE made the “SWITCH”

We are now Apple MacBook Pro owners and I need advise from all you wise Apple users out there.  Anyone know a simple yet good photo editing app I should look into?  Also, is iMovie decent enough for my little brain to do some creative editing?  Have not played with it yet but will over the weekend I hope.  Any other info would be great as I have been resistant to this change but since Cheryl did it with me I feel better.  Yet another type of Adventure we both embark upon! 😉

Also, I have a ton of pics on my PC, how do I get them to my Mac?  I am sure I will have more questions and again any help would be appreciated!  Thanks!

Praying Mantis on a Natural Motorcycle

praying mantis nature insects motorcylce bike

From The Telegraph: A praying mantis appears to be pedaling a bicycle in this amusing photo taken by amateur photographer, Eco Suparman, a university student from Borneo, Indonesia. He came across the mantis on a fern in a cemetery in the Ambawang River Village.

Picture: Eco Suparman / CATERS NEWS

25 Most Beautiful Animals Photography on StumbleUpon

Found this on StumbleUpon:  March 29, 2012 By


I think the most beautiful pictures are those made in nature. Nothing compares with the expression of a tiger, the majestic flight of an eagle or the strength of a white bear. Below you can see 25 the most beautiful animal photographs that will capture your attention, and were stumbled on StumbleUpon.

25 Most Beautiful Animals Photography StumbleUpon 1 25 Most Beautiful Animals Photography on StumbleUpon

25 Most Beautiful Animals Photography StumbleUpon 2 25 Most Beautiful Animals Photography on StumbleUpon Continue reading “25 Most Beautiful Animals Photography on StumbleUpon”

Midnight Sun | Iceland by SCIENTIFANTASTIC

I have posted this video once before and I have never met the creator of this BEAUTIFUL Timelapse video of Iceland.  The reason I am re posting it is see below.  If you agree this is a great production why not vote?  Help a great guy out.  We have emailed and messaged one another because I am in awe of Joe.   If you appreciate talent that should be discovered vote for Joe’s video!  This video is why Cheryl & I will ride ICELAND one day!

Hi Leslie, sorry for the direct message, but I need your help!

My Midnight Sun video has been chosen as a finalist in the Xprize video contest! Voting has begun, and I could really use your support by voting for my video. Your support would be greatly appreciated! Its quick, easy, and you don’t have to enter any personal information

To vote for me:
– Go here: citizenglobal.com/xprize/exploration#!/submit/Whydoyouprizeexploration
– Click the VOTE NOW! button
– Click on my Midnight Sun | Iceland video.
– Under the video is a Vote button. Please click that to vote for me.

Thanks for all your support!

20 Fantastic Pictures of Birds Flying

Make sure you click on the word SOURCE to see where these picture are from….ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!  Taking a break from motorcycles for a few posts and just taking in some unbelievable photography!

Nature is never an old subject when it comes to photography. It’s constantly changing, moving, and it’s hard to duplicate it’s natural beauty in the man made world. Birds in particular are very beautiful, especially inflight. Usually it takes a fast shutter speed, telephoto lens, and some great focusing techniques to catch them just right. Then again, sometimes it just takes pointing whatever you have in your hands and hoping it turns out. Here are 20 fantastic pictures of birds flying that turned out great.

Fantastic Pictures Birds Flying 35 20 Fantastic Pictures of Birds FlyingSource

Continue reading “20 Fantastic Pictures of Birds Flying”

We look a right couple of mugs! Meet Linford and Christie, the orphaned baby owls having a hoot in their new home

By Nick Enoch

It’s not the usual thing you’d expect to find in a kitchen – but these orphaned baby owls seemed right at home as they nestled in two cups.

The feathered pair were clearly having a hoot after moving into the home of their wildlife park keeper, Jimmy Robinson.

The six-week-old burrowing owlets, nicknamed Linford and Christie, were hatched in an incubator, and are now being hand-reared by Jimmy – who works at Longleat Safari Park in Wiltshire – and are given 24-hour care.

The two orphaned baby owls are having a hoot after moving into the home of their Longleat keeper Jimmy RobinsonDon’t worry, owl do the washing-up: The two orphaned baby owls are having a hoot after moving into the home of their Longleat keeper Jimmy Robinson Continue reading “We look a right couple of mugs! Meet Linford and Christie, the orphaned baby owls having a hoot in their new home”

Adventure Touring with the KTM 990 and Yamaha Super Ténéré

This is a really good video showing 2 riders who are just regular guys enjoying  a Yamaha Super Tenere and a KTM 990.  Wes is funny about riding the Yamaha off road.  This is really worth watching the entire video….one of the better one’s out there I think because they actually show a dump and accident.  Real stuff.  Enjoy.

Both Yamaha and KTM have dominated the legendary Dakar races for decades. Wes and Grant do their best not to fly off a ridge while taking the KTM 990 Adventure and Yamaha Super Ténéré deep into the Angeles National Forest’s system of fire roads, trails and creeks. For more on motorcycles and adventure, visit http://hellforleathermagazine.com

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