Visitors from ITALY!

Leslie has an Italian heritage!  Have to get to Italy and learn more about Leslie’s roots! Italy (IT) 1,362 Lombardia 297 Emilia-Romagna 164 Lazio 134 Veneto 122 Toscana 107 Piemonte 104 Sicilia 67 Liguria 59 Campania 46 Marche 37 Friuli-Venezia Giulia 35 Puglia 28 Abruzzi 28 Trentino-Alto Adige 22 Umbria 16 Sardegna 11 Calabria 10 […]

Love BC

On a day like this to go for a joy ride!

Sunshine Coast, Riding & Our Wedding Journey!

May 5-7 2012 Once again there are twists and turns in the life of Cheryl & Leslie.  After 15 years as many who read this blog Cheryl proposed to Leslie and we are going to get hitched next summer 2013.  Yep, in Canada we too can join the sector of marriage and it’s legal.  I […]