From the WordPress Team and for your information as well! It’s now much easier for you and your commenters to keep track of the conversations you’re involved in across Some recent tests have shown that by subscribing commenters to new comments by default, they are more likely to stay engaged and come back and […]

NEW ZEALAND hits 1000 views

We will continue to post countries who hit 1000 along with info about that country so we can all appreciate the beautiful places on this earth.  Next up is New Zealand.  Leslie was there in 1990 but we both need to get back.  Sure is a lot to see down there which also screams BIKE […]

360 Degree Aerial View of Vancouver

You have to click the link below and get the best view of this city of ours.  May take a second or two to load but I promise it will be worth it.  Plus, if you have never been here see why you should come and visit and then ride north! VERY COOL PANORAMIC VIEW […]