WHITEROCK, BC on a sunny Day

May 26th 2012 Click on pics for Hi rez! What a beautiful day!  Cheryl and I got to go out for a ride today without work on our minds and nothing but sun.  It is unusual for us to ride in all SUN but we will take this.  Also I realized something today, I think […]


Nice day for a non-commuting ride! Sunny, hot and the sound of bikes all over the place. Now where are all the adv bikes? Probably in the woods! 😉

Beautiful Sunny Saturday!

What do on this gorgeous day when I am not even on call for work?  We are going to ride to White Rock, a cute little town on the water here in BC.  For the folks who do not know our Province of course I shall post pictures later here on the blog.  I love […]

Zero Motorcycles’ customized 2012 DS is a stealth-like police bike

Read more about Zero Motorcycles Zero Motorcycles will pay for electricity as part of summer promotion for new buyers Online exclusive: We query Mark Blackwell on the electric motorcycle market Zero Motorcycles has developed a specialized police version of its 2012 Zero DS that aims to give law enforcement and security agencies a fuel-free and […]