WHITEROCK, BC on a sunny Day

May 26th 2012

Click on pics for Hi rez!

What a beautiful day!  Cheryl and I got to go out for a ride today without work on our minds and nothing but sun.  It is unusual for us to ride in all SUN but we will take this.  Also I realized something today, I think I can make anything into a BLOG post.  So many around me especially Cheryl asks…..”What the hell are you blogging about now?”  Well, not sure but I keep posting it seems.  It’s fun, I am learning things as this BLOG grows and most importantly it’s a constructive distraction from everyday life.  So, I guess that is what I am blogging about….everything and anything that seems interesting.

Even today’s little ride to lunch was fun.  Taking pictures does not take away from our riding it adds to it.  This blog is a journal of our trips, our lives and the many things we find interesting.  That’s what it is all about….nothing more nothing less.  I think I have answered that question, “what the Hell am I Blogging about!”  😉

I don’t know got this thing about self portraits when waiting on Cheryl to get her haircut.  I amused myself by riding around the parking lot and of course taking pictures of myself and my dash.

Even behind those shades I know Cheryl is giving me that look she does so many times when we ride…she is really saying, “Why are you taking my picture again?” 😉  Simple because!

This dog was starring at me while at the red light and just as I took its picture he/she turned its head.  Had a blue tint to its coat and looked like an over sized Pomeranian.

We went to visit some of Cheryl colleagues playing beach volleyball at a park and headed down to Whiterock.  Never been on this road before and I felt like we were in San Francisco.  The hills were steep and look at this view!


Whiterock is part of Surrey, BC which is the second largest city in BC next to Vancouver.  It’s only about 35 KM from the bigger city but very spread out.  This is where Cheryl works, not Whiterock but in the city of Surrey.  Cute little strip of shops and restaurants down by the ocean and lots of beautiful homes up in the hills.  Not all of Surrey looks like this to be honest.

The tide was really LOW today while we were there.  Many Harley Davidson riders out showing off their chrome, barely wearing any protective clothing.  I am not sure I really get the rider choosing to wear t-shirts, flip flops to ride in but whatever, it’s their choice.  At least we saw them wearing more than a beenie cap as a helmet.

Everyone was out sunbathing and enjoying the heat.

Had an over priced meal at the Boathouse over looking the beach and ocean.  Out on the deck here is Cheryl enjoying the sun.  I am more like a shade person.

Look at these prices and the portions were small compared to the pub we went to last night.

View from our table

BC has the CP rail system running all throughout.  Freight trains are nice to look at except when you are at a crossing.  They move like slugs and often have over 100 cars attached.

Our expensive meal.

Oh yeah there they are….the Beemers!  We ran into a guy who said “Boy those bikes look like they are ready for a big trip!”  WE were like not really but we can see how some think that because they are always dirty and we do have some luggage on all the time.  He then said, “I ride a YZ6”.  We said get on an ADV bike and have some real fun.  He said, “by looks of those knobby tires, (Heidenau K60) there seems like there would be unpaved roads with an ADV bike and I am too old for that.”  We all laughed and that was that.  We did get in you are never too old.

Nice to see Whiterock makes room for us but we still have to pay the car rate to park our bikes.  I hate that we take up less room yet pay the same as cagers.

Love this decal Cheryl has on her bike. We stopped by Alaskan Leathers while in Anchorage last summer.  Great vibe in their store!

So, that was it…short and sweet.  Cheryl is working later tonight and I am just going to relax in the A/C for the rest of the day.  Below is just one of many HD bikers on the road.  We saw only one KLR out.  I guess all bikes like ours were out playing in the woods.

We hope you get a chance to look up Whiterock as a destination for yourself.  BC if full of cute towns in the lower mainland and of course some of the best forest roads to explore in all of North America we think… 😉

You can see our reflection in this truck.  See the Denali Aux lights….I like them!

Our bikes look sweet in this pic!  😉

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Avid ADV rider! This Blog is all about the adventure in adventure riding. Researching new bikes, routes, accessories, learning about other riders and hopefully a great place for others to comment and explore with me. PLUS, up and down's, wildlife, my dogs, my life!

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