It’s all in the POWER!

For More Info on all this stuff go to Powerlet Equipped

I got a message from one our readers on FB and he asked about how we charged our phones while on our trip riding the Triumph Tigers.  The answer is really easy and I thought I would share what works for us and perhaps might assist anyone looking for a charge while out on the road.

Both the BMW and Triumph bikes have a stock powerlet plug, looks like this

This socket mounts on the top of a panel providing a low clearance installation. Unlike cigarette sockets these Powersport Standard Connectors are smaller in size, rated at 15 amps.

Where it’s located on our BMW’s

Some bikes have the standard cigarette plugs as well…larger in size.

On the Triumphs we had the dealer install an extra powerlet plug so we could also use our inverter. We just got a cable with a female size for the cigarette plug off the inverter and it had a male powerlet end to plug into the smaller socket on the bike.

Back in 2010 we bought 2 iPhone cables from Powerlet Equipped

Put all these accessories together and you get a charged iPhone all the time on the road.  We run the cable from our socket through our tank bags and VOILA….plug and ride. 

We use the inverter when we have no electricity while camping to charge our camera batteries, head sets and anything else including computers.  The inverter runs off the battery and has a USB port + a three prong plug.  Works great and is easy on the battery. 

Used the inverter all the time while up north last summer riding the Tigers.

Our set up works for us, we have heated grips, built-in temperature controller and plug for our heated gear which includes liner and gloves (Gerbing’s), and outlets for our phone cables and inverter.  Self contained, never once have we killed the batteries and when without real electricity to plug all of our modern-day travel necessities we are good to keep going. Oh and we use the plug for our heated gear as double duty too….we can plug our cyclepump into it and running the engine we have instant air to top up our tires if needed as well.


Comes with a nice cover….ours is dirty

Hope this gives some of you ideas and see how easy it is to stay electric while on the road!  😉 Any questions feel free to post them here and I will try and answer them.  The more questions we get on the BLOG the better.  That way everyone can see the answers and what is being asked.  Just a thought in sharing.

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