Get a GRIP…Need new GRIPS?

Every once in while you come across a little accessory that is so simple yet ingenious when you see someone like Dave R. come around.  Both our grips on our Beemers are about shot and I find myself scratching my head thinking, “How the hell are we going to change the grips since the heating elements are right underneath the stock grips?”  Maybe not a big deal to cut the originals off and replace them but something has stopped us from buying new ones even though Leslie could have replaced hers 1000’s of KM’s ago.

Anyway, I go to the ADV Riders Forum and find Dave’s thread in the Vendors section of the forum and read.  Read all the riders reviews and thought to myself…why not, his Grip Buddies are inexpensive so it can’t hurt the wallet to give this guy a chance.  So, off I went to the ORIGINAL GRIP BUDDIES website and bought two sets in two seconds.

Also you should LIKE their FB page! 😉

The packaging we LOVED and the lollipop is such a nice “sweet” touch.  Thanks Dave.  Oh, and before our order was shipped Dave contacted me a few times just to make sure everything was right with my address and he kept in good contact regarding the actual ship date etc. 

Piece of cake to install.  No need to go into details here but it took just a few minutes to get them on.  Dave includes easy to read instructions and on his website you can see him install these on his beautiful BMW. 😉

They are thicker than the stock and for Leslie having small hands they sure feel thicker at first.  Cheryl has very large hands and no issues there.  I played around with the heated grips and sure enough like advertised you can feel the heat through the neoprene covers.  So, in a nut shell, many would say “Oh man I will just make my own.”  You could but Dave really has thought these out and made sure they would stay put once in place. 


My theory about the thickness is that I hope after riding a lot and with normal wear and tear the neoprene will compress a bit and “break in”. Time will tell.


Safety should be Dave’s middle name.  I can tell he is an ATGATT (All The Gear All The Time) type of guy.  They are well made, simple and a perfect solution to covering your grips versus the tedious task of cutting old ones off and carefully I might add and then replacing them with expensive new grips.

Dave sells these for other bikes as well not just Beemers.

They feel so comfy to be honest, like having an in sole in your shoe.  They do not impede your ability to get to the clutch of use your throttle.  Easy as pie.  They also look nice too!

I give Dave and his ORIGINAL GRIP BUDDIES an A+ for thinking up these things, for making them in the USA and of course the lollipops!  So, highly recommended and why not?  For $19 they are the best thing out there to make our lives so easy!

According to his website he will be making some more accessories to these grips, he sells Hi-Viz tape and stuff like that.  Check the site out.  Like we said when we try something that really seems so simple but so convenient and good we have to pass the info along!


  1. Garth says:

    I bought a pair of these and installed them on my 800. I found that they were a little too thick when I wear my gerbing gloves so removed them. They are a good quality product and they are top notch in customer service. A little story….when I ordered them, they found that they would be a couple days late in shipping them, and actually phoned me and apologized. First class for sure. Would recommend buying off these guys in a heart beat.

    • advgrrls says:

      I agree about the thickness but did you ride with them long enough to see if the neoprene wore in a bit? My theory and I hope it’s right is if we ride enough this summer in the heat and stuff…just through normal wear and tear they will compress a bit. Not the case for you?

      • Garth says:

        Hmmm good theory but heading for our Alaska trip this week so no time to break them in on the trip. Will put them back on when we get home and see how it goes.

  2. advgrrls says:

    yeah I think over time and usage these will break in. Bring your heated gear if you have a liner too. I forgot what suit do you have? H20 proof without having to put on a rain suit? We used our heated liner and gloves, the Triumphs did not have heated grips, which sucked almost everyday up there. Granted last summer was one of their coolest and wettest summers but still it gets chilly up there. The good part was because of the cooler weather we only hit one batch of the killer mosquitoes. Good luck and be safe!

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