UPDATE on our KLIM Latitude Jacket COLLAR ISSUES!

Pictures to follow but here is my update regarding our collar issues on our new KLIM Latitude jackets.  I posted this on the ADV Riders Forum. 

GREAT Customer Service KLIM!  Thanks!



Hey guys and gals…we contacted KLIM about our collar issues and ended up sending them back for modifications. WE had to use KLIM to stay within the warranty and of course to keep the integrity of the jacket/Gore Tex.

We are pleased to announce KLIM shorten our current collars by 2 cm and added some more felt around the flap as well as added a little piece of Velcro to hold the flap when the jacket is open. I will post pics when I can to show how the new shortened collars no longer hit our helmets or impede with our shoulder checks, the collar no longer jabs into my neck and the helmet strap no longer gets caught on the Velcro for the flap.

Now, KLIM will charge $80 for this mod and I would suggest calling down there to get particulars on your own issue if you have any. We are much happier because we are much more comfortable in these jackets now. So, just passing along what we did to rectify what we felt was a very unfortunate collar issue for the price we paid. Seems for now this is what they are going to do for all new production jackets. Take them down 2cm or 1 inch since ours worked.

When I get the chance I will post pictures of the new collars and the height.  We got both our jackets done.  That’s it for now just wanted to get the word out if you own this jacket, KLIM Latitude and hate the collar call them @ Ph. 208.552.7433 and ask how they can make your collar feel better. Any questions feel to post them in the comments. 

Author: advgrrl

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5 thoughts on “NEWS FLASH – This JUST IN”

  1. This is really good to know. I’ve got a Badlands Pro and the neck on it is very stiff. Seems too tall, too. I might contact Klim and see if they can do a similar mod to mine. Thanks for the info!

  2. Perseverance pays off, well done folks. Mine does not bug me a lot but good to know it can be changed if needed. 80 bucks seems steep for a small mod. Hell at some places you can get a whole jacket on clearance for that price but I guess that is what it costs once you drink the Klim kool-aid.

  3. TO be honest I think KLIM needs to just back off using such heavy weighted Cordura all over these jackets and pants. This includes the Badlands. We really only need to have the tough stuff in the high abrasion areas of the suit….elbows, shoulders, part of the back etc. My DREAM suit from KLIM is simple…carry on with their designs of the Badlands and Latitude, change the fabric to a softer grade around the collar and straight down the front covering the zipper. Softer material in and around the body as well. Keep the hip gaitors, perhaps even add them to the Badlands. Not a bad idea to give the rider the option to open the ned of the jacket that much more.

    They are going to make the lowered collar standard on their new productions of the Latitude which is the right move. They will be using softer material in the next batch of Latitude collars as well. Now to carry that thought all over and then you would have one comfy Latitude. I have told them my opinions as they have asked and if they ever release a “new” generation of this suit, then I want a discount! LOL For now…the collar is much better on my jacket and Cheryl’s and riding is a pleasure like this morning once again!

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